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  1. I have a daystate huntsman in .22 for sale. In as new condition. Bought at CLA game fair in the summer. It's had about 50 pellets through if that, comes with 10 shot magazine, silencer, hawke illuminated scope, 2 almost full tins of pellets, padded gun slip, brand new diving bottle filled to 300bar ( only taken one fill from it ), all charging adapters. Everything you need to get going. It's all practically brand new. Looking for £800 for the lot (I've got just under £1k in it) collection only from Halifax, West Yorkshire
  2. I suppose its just a case of wait and see. But as was said earlier, atleast then haven't just refused, they decided do look further into the application which is a good thing
  3. Thanks for the replies. Well he said the fact I wasn't violent will go in my favour and he also said if what me and my partner have told him is straight, in his view he don't think I will be a problem with a shotgun but its not his decision and it will all depend on how the organisation view it when it goes back in. It's been in to Wakefield and sent back to him 3 times now. The only other potential issue is, the reason I was asked to leave the caravan site is because I'd been carrying on with one of the women up there and they didn't want any trouble between me and her husband.. I refus
  4. Well... Got a call from FEO yesterday he had been asked by the powers in Wakefield to seek more info regarding the domestic incident 2 years ago at home and also police were called to remove me from a caravan park earlier this year. I wasn't arrested just asked to leave. Both times were just me refusing to leave and he made a point of saying there is no reports of Violence been used at all He also spent 20 mins alone with my mrs quizzing her aswell Any views? Thanks Shaun
  5. Just waiting on my sgc going through mate.
  6. Anyone local to me (Halifax) fancy helping me with shooting a fox? needs doing asap. I have a lad doing it but due to work commitments his time is very limited. He called it last week and it came out at 15 yards but there was no backstop for a shot with his rifle. I'm happy for it to be shot with either a rifle or shotgun. I have a fox call uk squeaker that I use but if you have your own caller which would work better then even better. PM me if interested let me know when you can do it and what you would want to do it.. Thanks Shaun
  7. I have magpies and crows available in Halifax if anyone wants to collect any
  8. Ahh how did I miss that.. Thanks mate
  9. I've just taken on a rural fox job and want to try trapping before shooting. It's taken hens from a neighbouring farm and killed a cat on the clients farm. What's best bait to use in the trap? Any trap setting tips? It's the first fox job I've done Thanks Shaun
  10. Here Is a pic of him, He also has brown on his legs, forgot to mention that..
  11. I have a 6 month old border collie dog that im trying to re-home, Hes 6 month old, Black and White with a bit of brown on his face, One blue eye and one brown eye, No papers but is a full collie.. He is one of 2 brothers that we got and we just dont have the time to train the 2 of them.. The Mrs is gutted he has to go and will only let him go to a really good home, Preferably a working home or farm. hes ok with our kids but not really been with them that much as they are both a bit hypo together.. We are not looking for anything for him just a good loving home where he will be looked after.. I
  12. I was watching a pair in Leeds the other day in a quarry, they were trying to dive on crows but having no luck. There is a few breeding pairs at hardwood house in Leeds. Great birds to watch.
  13. Thanks for the replies. I bought adrian hallgarths book hawking and falconry for beginners.
  14. Shaunm41

    Mews Ideas

    Started the block wall for the base and to get a level base to work from. It will be in 2 halfs, 1 half will have pea gravel floor and half mesh roof. Will have the Harris free in there. Will have removable perches so when it's tethered it won't bate for higher perches. The other half will have concrete floor and be my storage shed with a work top in one corner with a chute for dropping food in to the Harris. My freezer will also be in here. The only thing I'm undecided on is what to use on the outside, looked at feather edge and ship lap. On the half where the hawk is will just put the feathe
  15. Shaunm41

    Mews Ideas

    Change of plan.. After a lot of thinking and planning I am going to build a purpose built timber shed.. Get rid of the metal one.. Will have to do some blockwork to sit the shed on as the garden is not level but should be ok.. its going to be a shed in 2 halfs, Door in to the main shed area where our garden furniture and that will be stored, along with a worktop for weighing and preparing food, and the freezer then another door into where the hawk will be which is giving me the double door thing incase of escapes.. Will 10' by 6' be enough for the hawk?
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