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  1. Hello folks, not been on here for a few years. Just found out about Johnny boy this morning, can't believe it. Myself and John amongst others used to have some good craic on here back in the day and so it continued on Facebook with Johnny still questioning how my whippet was bred and my choice in shirts? lol. Although I never met Johnny I'll miss him, I know he was one of the good guys. Rip John x
  2. I thought this one taken the same day looked like a windswept head ? then again maybe it's just me http://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/topic/354490-ice-man/
  3. I adopted a young Gorilla once, when he got older and I told him who his real parents were he fxcked off back to the Congo, ungrateful bxxtxxd
  4. An excellent informative and well put together article. A must for all bird lovers and enthusiasts. (Very good and so interesting)! Cheers
  5. Winter 12/ 13, East Lothian, first time I've seen waxwings and also Scottish xbills for the first time that winter, crap pics but privileged to see them
  6. Great pics lads, love the auld ones
  7. Love the Grey Mares Tail, been up 4 times now, still not made it to White Coomb though with the clag,Cheers Andy Was a dull,dreary day i went up there Al,was really busy though..have you seen the wild goats up there? I didn't but apparently theres loads up there? Aye there's a few mate, dull and dreary all the time it seems, cheers
  8. Love the Grey Mares Tail, been up 4 times now, still not made it to White Coomb though with the clag, Cheers Andy
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