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  1. You all take my comment in jest but I am deadly serious theres already moves afoot to make it compulsory or am i scare mongering something i have been accused of in the past
  2. First and foremost in my view access to a trained deer dog will become compulsary and in some leases especially those administered by the Forestry Commision they are making it conditional on the lease. However not every person involved in stalking deer owns a deer dog. I dont own one myself but I find it prudent that I do have different contact and communication to one if the situation arises. I can usually track any run on deer using my own field craft skills but there has been a few occasions that I have been close to loosing one, perhaps I have been fortunate in my endevours so I dont rule out that this will never happen to me, any one with any modecum of experience would be foolish not to have a deer location dog on standby. My type of stalking would not be succesful with a constant deer tracking companion either as I have tried it and is not for me. (Those are my personal views and I accept others may differ) In my opinion it will become compulsary to have access to a deer dog and quite right to . Shortly it will be added to the many certificates that Deerstalkers need before being allowed to stalk . Just my opinion mind
  3. I do look in now and then for a read foxdropper but give up on posting due to some of the replies from certain individuals and made a decision a while ago not to stick my head above the parapet to get covered in the crap that some postees try to lob my way. So far it seems to be working Cheers Stu.
  4. Well this post went down like a wet fart . Nothing unusual there then
  5. I am registered as a food business operative.FBO its a condition with Food standard Agency and is current legislation that if you are placing venison carcasses into a game dealer (I.E) food chain you have to be registered as a FBO with your local Authority under EEC regulations.
  6. Not quite as simple as that. You can apply for it but it dosent mean you will get it. LOL You will need to prove good reason why it should be granted and it paid for and checks will be made with who your booked in with and dates etc and if your going to be accompanied or not. There will be also other conditions imposed on your FAC in respect to only being able to use that rifle under specific like conditions.You certainly would not legally be allowed to use it unless it matched the conditions on your FAC. One hell of a expensive way of stalking deer as well as no gaurantees of actually culling a beast, Regards Stuart
  7. Unfortunately with all the land owners and forest enterprises insisting that anyone controlling deer has to have a minimum of DSC1 and also registered with them as a named controller it is not easy for novice stalkers getting into the game, Shortly to be a minimum condition in Scotland If SNH have their way and now doubt in England and Wales from conditions i have seen on leases, The only chance will be with private land owners and most of that is already taken up. You will now need to pay for it by the day and be accompanied or its looking that way. I do take guests out and mentor them myself but I limit them to who I know . Regards Stuart
  8. What these two individuals dont seem to be aware of and quite a few others who have commented on this post is a more serious offence other than poaching had been committed here.Probably numerous charges would have been brought pending on circumstances not least threatening someone with a firearm. Which can carry a 20 year sentence Being in possesion of a firearm without a licience 5 years Being on land public or Private without Lawfull authority or Excuse with a firearm irrespective of whether the holder of the firearm and irrespective of them being in pursuit of game would carry another few years on conviction. The act of poaching without the use of Firearms by using other means is considered in law to be less servere and rarely constitutes terms of imprisonment unless the offender is a regular one brought before the courts. In other words its an absolute custodial offence for being in possesion in a public or private place without legal authority or excuse of a non certificated firearm in Scotland however under the right of access laws a person may cross anothers land with a firearm to get to a place were such a person has legal authority and excuse but its conditional on the firearm being unloaded and licenced to that person, This came about in respect of Deerstalkers wishing to gain access to areas of land they had rights to enjoy and the same privilages was to those wildfowlers gaining access to the foreshore. However no such similar legal rights exist in England or Wales
  9. The ACP would grant only on land that the calibre was approved for as you wouldnt be granted an open FAC to shoot anywhere else with it ( Initially until they consider you are competent through gaining experience) , also he may impose other conditions in respect to you being mentored however this is still a grey area, You would not however be granted permission to use a 270 with expanding ammunition for target practice on ranges you can only use a deer calibre rifle and expanding ammunition for shooting deer or other wildlife as permitted on the FAC but you may use expanding ammo for the purpose of zeroing only but certainly not for target competitions Re Individual stalks You will need to provide proof ( Which will be checked) of the dates you have booked in for to use this as a justifiable reason to have a deer calibre rifle. Hope This Helps Cap
  10. Its quite common to see both fallow and roe deer in fields where cattle (cows) are present but they avoid fields containing sheep, Sheep urine contaminates the ground to much which causes them to avoid areas containing sheep , Cheers Cap
  11. I have been following these replies which I add gives me a wry smirk. with having been in the position of stalking many years I have seen the goal posts moved so many times and even uplifted from the field on more than one occasion Is it a money maker well without doubt it can cost you dearly depending on the circumstances if your follow the p rocedure and complete your DSC1 then on to DSC2 it can and has in many cases cost multiple thousands of pounds in meeting the required ICRpending on how many deer you have on your ground and also trying to tie those outings with a registered AW and one Assessor as there arnt that many who are prepared to take you out for nothing. initially it cost me a considerable sum and a lot is to do with luck on these outing. Fortunately I found a regional assessor who only charges his fuel expenses only to come out as a witness other wanted to charge over £100 plus expenses seem not only can these qualifications be time consuming and some time costly and seem unsuccessful Does it make you a better stalker than the person who hasnt got them depends it might and it might not experience is the key to the answer on that one. What it does do however is it provides you to comply with legislation especially for Scotland where shortly it will become a compulsory requirement for all unaccompanied deerstalker to have DSC2 ( other countries have a similar qualification which will be acceptable by SNH ) this obviously covers overseas visitors ts been previously muted by another postee that EU directives will make the rest of the UK follow suit and in my view this is more than likely to happen even you havent got the right piece of paper deer calibre rifles are likely to be withdrawn , (In the laws eyes you wont have a legitimate need for possessing one) just my own personal take on it. I hear moves are afoot to make the DSC1 harder in relation to the shooting Its imperative to those who intend to continue in deerstalking that they obtain these qualifications because they are here to stay land owners insurance providers are insisting that those who carry out deerstalking and wildlife control are competent and can prove it so the landowners themselves are becoming more insistent that you are certificated, the police through home office guidelines are given more backing on conditions imposed when issuing FC especially to novice deerstalkers. In some respects personally its a good thing in others its an infringement on what some have been doing for years and its a rub. (Says he whose a alright Jack) What I will say you will find its evolving constantly and deerstalkers before obtaining leases in their own right will need other certification including first aid, ATV.mech handling etc and eventually a trained deer dog handling certificate (Not here yet but will be the next piece of paper stalkers will need ) Enjoy Stuart
  12. Where those side by side then LOL
  13. That would be my question as well as theres a difference
  14. I have worked for a few myself but I couldnt call them one to their face besides a c..nts usefull they wasnt
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