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  1. fazza123

    New birds...

    Thank, will do . Love crow hawking.
  2. fazza123

    New birds...

    I dont think I've seen that one mate?
  3. fazza123

    New birds...

    You dont know of anyone that may sell the imprint goshawk dvd by david jones by any chance?
  4. fazza123

    New birds...

    That's cheap for a female gos
  5. fazza123

    New birds...

    Yes they are, great temperament. Roll on the season
  6. fazza123

    New birds...

    Just put my Harris to moult today. Shes only 8 months old so I kept her back a bit to keep me busy during this 'holiday's roll on next season eh.
  7. fazza123

    New birds...

    Things seem to have gone a lot quieter in this section these days unfortunately. Is anyone getting any new birds this season? Hopefully have my Goshawk to imprint next month, anyone else imprinting this year?
  8. There amazing. My bitch wont look at sheep now and it took one zap.
  9. I dont think you'll go wrong with 1 off D lloyd.
  10. I'm the opposite. If I'm feeding it and looking after it I want some love in return
  11. Theres some first xs on pets4homes now. Easy to get them over the water.
  12. Theres a big difference between chinkys and the backward b*****ds that are trying to get here though.
  13. Blown my head that. Its bollocks. The mirror is one of the worst papers out there though.
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