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  1. It was the same when his silly wife got robbed after boasting about 8 million dollar diamonds on social media. They are fcuking cretins.Could not of put it better socks, at teatime last night one of my staff called me and said we had 6inches of water right through the business premises. I've spent all last night and today mopping out sludge and mud and water and filling skips, had to close so lost takings. And on the way to work this morning I hear on radio about his sleep deprivation, what a fakin suite bag. He wants try spending 24hrs cleaning 6inches of shit up and chucking stock away ! Poor canyae who gives a fuk......rant over lol onwards and upwards
  2. The gin rin chagoi looks to be a nice fish. Koi with no scales or small amounts usually running down the back are known in japan as doitsu, known by carp anglers as leather carp I believe.
  3. Limb

    Koi Pond

    The other thing I'd highly recommend would be join the Koi Mag Forum, there will be people on there who live locally to you that would happily come round and help you. There is a chap calls himself Tommy 2ponds who runs a fish consultancy business, he'd advise you on your pond check out your fish health and help you avoid expensive mistakes on your new build. Would be money very well spent.
  4. Limb

    Koi Pond

    From what I understand you've got a gravity fed system, which is ideal for a koi pond. The water and fish waste (shit) go into the bottom drain travel through the pipe to your filter. The round part is called a vortex, it spins the water so that the heavy waste sinks to the bottom. The should be some kind of valve at the bottom to flush out the waste. The cleaner water goes over a lip or similar into the brushes, these should take out anything that hasn't settled in the vortex. Brushes aren't used so much these days, not because they don't work, but because they are a pain to clean. Sounds like the next stage is jap matting, this allows good bacteria to colonise, they in turn will take out ammonia and the like out of the water before it is returned to the pond via the pump in the last chamber. The uv unit will kill the algae spores and stop your water turning green provided it has enough wattage to cope with the water flow. Also the bulbs only last 6 months i.e. a summer season. As far as the water not coming out of the flexi pipe, your pump could be blocked or the impellor ( a propeller type thing) could need changing, or it's knackered. The pump should be capable of turning the whole volume of pond water every 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Because the system is gravity the water finds it's own level in both the pond and filter so as water is pumped from the filter into the pond water goes down the drain in to the filter continually cleaning the water. Your filter will need cleaning weekly at the moment, but when the fish start feeding in the warmer months you'll find it needs cleaning as much as daily with your stock levels. you'll have to drop and change 20% of the water weekly ( about 10% in winter). Hope this helps. Cheers Limb
  5. Limb

    Koi Pond

    Thanks gents, that pick was taken last spring, all needs a good power wash and a lick of paint now.
  6. Limb

    Koi Pond

  7. Limb

    Koi Pond

    When I get 5 mins I'll try and work it out. Gnasher I think your right in the winter but in the summer on a nice day with a few cold beers you can't beat sitting by the pond with the sound of water.
  8. Limb

    Koi Pond

    Really speaking it's overstocked, but if the water peramiters are ok then the filter is doing it's job. If your going for a new build I'd go minimum 2000 gallons, but remember as the size goes up the size of filters does too. If you go to koi mag forum there's a section on pond builds where people are asking all the questions that will need answering. Hope this helps. My own pond is 5600 gallons with fish up to 78cms, they were bought from bloodlines that produced big fish. I think it's genetics as much as pond size. The people who keep grow the fish huge i.e. 85cms+, generally have heated ponds, expensive filtration and big wallets to be able to afford fish that are capable of growing big while maintaining body shape, skin quality etc.
  9. Seen him about a fortnight ago, just don't know what's around the corner. RIP Darren
  10. My brotherinlaw has beddies for bushing, they are shit hot at it too. Problem is they put there heads down and go, you just can't stop them and they tend to dissapear into the distance regardless, shouting and swearing doesn't help LOL. His have never been earth dogs, and are a bit clostraphobic to say the least. Edited to say his latest dog is a spaniel.
  11. Can't argue with any of that Earth, but somebody will LOL
  12. Grom/Tom is Chaz x Tilly 100%.
  13. Maybe there should be a new section, The Naughty Chair. The moderators send you there if your not in the 'clique', or if your not fond of people who bred a moderators dog. You can only post on there, until you've seen sense, and agree with what they say. Once you've learned your lesson, you may post on this and other sections, but you must say things like, 'yes', and sometimes 'no', but you must know your place.
  14. I've got nothing bad to say for Pickaxe nor Dillon, they have both done me favours, and if Ican ever return one I will, but the moderators are f*****g up this site. One rule for one, and one rule for another. It's a f*****g disgrace. Perhaps it's time for change????
  15. Yes, but if you keep putting the steady dogs together, pretty soon they are too steady. Hard dogs can be a pain in the arse, its difficult to give them regular work, and some never ease off with experience, but you KNOW they carry the game gene that all terriers need. JMHO. Good post FoxFan, and imo spot on.
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