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  1. A North American relic... the Bigelow trap.
  2. Are these bars common in the UK? They are a curios here in North America... used in Christmas tree farms and pulp industries.
  3. Kania 2000 soon to be collector's item. Very scarce these days!
  4. Has anyone heard any chatter about the PERDIX trap? According to web page three years in the making... PX-3. Maybe a TullyTrap knock-off?
  5. Wildlife Control Supplies sells this model of KORO. There is a smaller Rodent version. The power and force of the old style and new trap are still the same; the pan is a holdover from the KORO #1 and KORO #2 sold in North America.
  6. The new KORO trap design. Described as having "Easy Set Latch". At first glance, the dog can be honed to a "hair trigger".
  7. KORO introduced a new webpage over the summer... they introduced some new traps. A new weasel trap was for sale... with a longer, stronger pan... and a nut washer as a possible mounting device? As for re-test and re-pass... have not a clue. On-the-other-hand, are the WCS tube traps the same on both sides of the pond? I was under the impression the UK version has a stronger faster kill bar.
  8. Much to my chagrin, KORO's rodent trap is being redesigned. A video, on KORO's facebook page, demonstrates the new design. A larger pan and trigger that actually stays in one place. Well, worth the time to track down. KORO TRAPS Cooks Creek, MB - looks as if they might have looked at negative feedback in this forum. Who's to say.
  9. Elgeeco's Procull humane dispatch squirrel trap...Britain's best kept secret on the war against invasive Eastern Gray Squirrel.
  10. New Zealand's Department of Conservation(DOC) 150 trap. Very powerful...extremely well built and engineered. Could not get the right mitre cut for a ramp jump rail, settled on steps.
  11. Box based on James Linari-Linholm of JLL Pest Control, Gloucestershire. Found in John Bryan's "Traps & More Trap Making" Step by Step. Fourteenarce Ltd.
  12. Any suggestions in the the design of artificial tunnels for the use of DOC traps? i.e. types of baffles... duel entrances vs. single entrance... traps bolted or not bolted on... ramps to pan plate, etc. etc. Thanks!
  13. This is OUELL RM trap. Used for muskrats...nethertheless, it has proven itself highly effective in the dispatch of grey squirrels. These photo are of the RM set with the safety on. It is shown without it's artificial cedar tunnel.
  14. Elgeeco's Procull squirrel trap. Very well designed and engineered!
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