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  1. Is he Irish muff hencock
  2. The apple don’t fall far as they say
  3. Tank off here may be able to help he keeps asil
  4. Good bus the ravs I’ve had one it was bob on, currently on an old fourtrak full of can’t knock it
  5. Shed clearance find I’ll get it valued and sell it at right money it’s of no use or beauty to me. Thanks for reply’s
  6. Found an old air pistol does any one know much on them can’t find much on net just that not many made it’s patent 24637 1907
  7. After a long wait it’s landed. Quality craftsmanship
  8. BobDown

    Spring ???

    All ways wet and damp in the east Lancashire mill towns but signs of spring
  9. Are you related to the the Hoskers from Padiham? I’m led to believe Gary was off our estate (Hargrove)
  10. Bring forth the guillotine
  11. Love fourtraks I’ve one 96 reg still going strong
  12. Saves time on land rooting for a spin It’s feels like cheating in a sense but have to move we the times we the way it is now
  13. Ye good bit off kit For spotting game in cover. Lot of rusher beds round my way and it clocks them where ever they hiding
  14. I’ve got one decent bit off kit need rights conditions or they no good in rain etc
  15. Father and son I bred 9 months old
  16. You don’t see many like that any more last one me father had was just like him. Good dog
  17. Most them rural police in we keepers etc. Always as and will go on
  18. How did they turn out for you
  19. Zelensky is another Jew like much of the elected government in Ukraine and USA. They been trouble sin Jesus was a lad. Adolf had right idea
  20. Love the old beddy crosses I’ve one hear she be about 17 now had we some good times a true poaching dog
  21. Couldn’t of put it better
  22. Good do , be best off gas axing if poss it will go through a few carbon blades chopping one up
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