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  1. nice mate, is that the sister to patches foxpack ??
  2. nice racey parents,pups should be useful
  3. good luck with them mate, if my circumstance were different I would've had one, as long as they get a GOOD home it doesn't matter whether its a PET home or a WORKING home. some folk stress there pups must go to working homes, well ive seen some pretty horrendous shitty working homes, where they are in a state, so my main concern if I was selling pups would be they went to a GOOD homem atb best with them mate.
  4. love the look of that bitch, what a lovely stamp
  5. im trying to upload some pics from photobucket onto here, I can copy them but when I come on here and try to paste them I cant.... I used to be able to click on the photo icon and a small space bar would show up. if you cleared it then paste the pic into that, it used to work but tonight its not working, any ideas chaps
  6. right this is just my out look on things. I know who lurcher666phil is ive been out with him in the past, to say he doesn't look after his dogs is utter sh1t, and to me someone spending in excess of £2500 building block kennels with galv gates isn't the type of fella that scrimps on feed, the kennels a finished with drain etc, any working doglad would be proud to put there dogs in there, they a certainly better than 98% of kennels you see on these web pages when scroats are selling there wares. so im telling you lads out there not to listen to sub coz he is talking utter pish, well fed dogs well exercised well worked and well looked after, coz ive seen them with me own eyes,
  7. nice looking russell pal
  8. mothers beagle russel, half sister to sire, he's beagle cocker, same beagle was used,
  9. LITTER SISTER, this is the one I kept back, also a nice solid pup, both parents
  10. that's not always the case jd, fgor yer general bloke cutting abit of firewood you don't need an expensive husky or stihl, I got one of them above about 8yr ago and its cut some wood, also got a stihl and its no better than the cheapo really, obviously if you were using one eveer day for your job a husky or stihl would probs be a long term better bet, keep it sharp and lubed up
  11. just lined my bitch yesterday, she's beagle/russel, the dog is her half brother and a cocker/beagle,
  12. my old dog had a heart murmer and dropped down dead at 6, so I guess the vet was right
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