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  1. Hope this turns up for you , good bunch lads ?.
  2. Nice sorts. ?. Is dam similar way bred, or just seem followed sire ?
  3. Interesting , only them that bred them would know I suppose. More a Sealyham type I’d say be nigh on impossible to find genuine working sealy. Just curious if anyone around the white dogs in Ireland ever had success with Glenn’s instead bulls mixed in.
  4. Jigsaw did anyone around you ever put them Glenn’s in to their Russell’s back in the day ? You hear of few adding various bull blood , these pics Glenn’s look like you’d get good strong sorts on your Russell’s something like old Sealyham shape lower slung than English bull stuff maybe ?
  5. Would they be similar stuff to joe smith penda?
  6. Good one over in Tredegar. Timont I think his name is ?
  7. Watch them pups teeth mate they may go bit weak from all the jam he had them ? licking off his nuts. ??
  8. £350 was cheap for him mate.
  9. Think it must been pup he was stuck with. Come half about tho. He needed room for the lurcher pups he was selling. ??
  10. That pup u sold me out Annie was best £350 I ever spent Chris. ?
  11. Nice hear some the old characters still at it.
  12. Got his neighbour pregnant last I heard. But he’s doing alright.
  13. Hi all , as in title can anyone recommend somewhere to purchase galv kennel doors and kennel sections preferably in South Wales. Having bit trouble sourcing off larger suppliers on internet Apparently due to covid issues with materials.
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