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  1. i freeze bottles of water to put in cages on really hot days i also half fill drinking bottles with water and freeze over night mine also being sprayed with the hose
  2. i make make my nets up in bundles of three held together with elastic band this keeps them tidy in the bag and if a mate needs nets on the other side of a hedge it makes it easy to throw a few over
  3. ive had a half x polecat x ferret would strike you like a rattle snake never worked her tho bred her to a ferret kept a few 1/4 bred jills kits back these were easier to handle but very hit and miss when tried at work they would fly to ground one day and refuse point blank the next all in all a total waste of time the ferret was domesticated over 2 1/2 thousand years and is perfect for the job it was bred for so why try and change it
  4. Neil B thats the story a lot of people are saying healthy ferrets just dying whilst others are unaffected strange ?
  5. Sam there as been quite a few different people that have lost ferrets so would think its unlikely they were all poisoned Sirblessed we don,t have any spiders in this country that are capable of giving a killer bite personally i think it as some thing to do with the way they are being fed but who knows
  6. Ive been reading of quite a few unexplained ferret deaths on face book by all account ferrets have been fit and well one minute then dead the next and heres the puzzling bit some ferrets die while the remainder stay fit and healthy its nothing ive encountered in over 40 year keeping ferrets
  7. there,s a nice little Jack Hargreaves film of him ferreting with a russell x whippet thats worth a watch if you have not seen it before
  8. had a whippet terrier back in the 70 s cracking little rabbit dog he would push a rabbit that hard it would after go to ground or get caught when he put one to ground he would come back to get me and show me where he,d marked if he marked he would not leave until the warren was empty being young at the time i did not know how luck i was i bred one accidental litter to my jack bitch i still regret not keeping one of them pups a friend brought a mate of his for one of the pups he wanted it to bolt rabbits to the gun a year or so later i asked hows that pup doing for your mate he said he had sold all his guns as he could not get a safe shot as the pup was always right on the rabbits arse
  9. wrong choice of wording it was part of the diet pups were reared on
  10. reared a litter of pups on it year or two ago they would not touch it after two weeks they got fed up with it
  11. working a thick double hedge this weekend i found quite a few rabbits reluctant to make a clean break from the hedge to freedom preferring to run the gauntlet of the ferrets pig netting both sides of the hedge made purse netting hard all easy holes were covered long nets were 4 yards out from the hedge now my question is there a optimum distance from a hedge to set a long net for maximum effectiveness
  12. did the parents or any other pups have this problem if not you have got a chance i would go to a collie bred dog myself adding a hard mouthed terrier cross would be a step backwards in my opinion
  13. right lads just brought home my new pup she,s a greyhound x whippet over a saluki greyhound bull greyhound now this is a cross i have had nothing to do with any one running this or similar and whats the pro,s and con,s what have i got to look forward too cheers
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