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  1. Lozzer

    Old nuttall stock

    Yes it was the shooting news then , cw to many of today. Sos about my wording, I've never wrote a book .But I had a real good dog then . And I probably saw some stuff you have in yours if it it was by df stuff
  2. Lozzer

    Old nuttall stock

    Had same sort of similar start with the black dogs we first got , I would of been 14 and though the was other black dogs and colours about, on way morning out we out ferreting and stuff and got told of pups when we be asking. The man who we got them off , only a few no who he was and he wasn't one for going around or hunting with others. I never knew who nuttall was and he told me that sire was dog rocky, saw a picture of him few weeks later in the cw. 35 a pup and at that time good Russell's was 25 about. These were a very hard strong terriers, big , little bit big was the 3 dogs but not crazy big size. The sister out of that litter, Brian took , chocolate and went straight to America. As said above, to have that sort of dogsalways remembered and how good .if I had choice of one dog to line my bitch nowadays it would of been the dog i had . To compare it to dogs that been and seen and ones nowadays is something really can't say what better now with dogs of late
  3. Lozzer


    Work and breed your own then and you know what's what
  4. Lozzer


    It is with some people or terriermen to use the names thing and for the reasons why because the selling dogs . On the other hand though people should respect some names or breeders behind good dogs . Same again though, the dealer wants to know the breeding of peoples dogs and on the other hand someone wants to know the breeding because for genuine reasons only
  5. Lozzer


    Your dead right. And some of the people never met them or anything. But that's the top and bottom of them .
  6. Lozzer


    Been threatened with the knock on the door and the one phone call and told to sit tight, about 4 monthsago or more . And that was by a dog man.
  7. Lozzer


    Yes in Kirkham. Plenty of ducks
  8. Lozzer


    I'm learning more about what you say than most on here .how old are you mate , 18 ? .
  9. Surely if someone knows their own dogs inside out then the have a good idea of what the want to produce and what the be up against in life for there own work , . And to produce better but with the style of commitment required. But not hoping for ( the dog ) , but mostly all good enough. Some dogs will jack even if thought the good .some that wont.And some through the fault of the owner. But obviously putting a out and out dog that walks out can't be good as be inherited.
  10. Lozzer

    THE Game Fair

    Used to do the same, go religiously. Enjoy the atmosphere, everything about the scene , the place and characters and dogs. Good to buy a few simple things. Havnt been for a few years and more now because of some individuals around the place and other reasons of the atmosphere
  11. Lozzer

    Mooch with jags

    That's the job. Looks good type. Enjoy