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  1. That you my mate . Hows the book reading going since you read every book ( thats about all you done and been on the Internet and try be perfect with ya grammar. Areshole. Stick that up your arse as well as your hypercriyey. Yorkshire boy
  2. Yes I don't agree with netting hares and think that lurcher men who do it have no respect for the future of it and I have met them so know where your coming from. So happy hunting fella, and understand ya passion
  3. I understand to say nothing about nothing that is no concern of mine . We could all moan but what does that mean , bigging ourselves up or going against the grain kop on
  4. [BANNED TEXT] you on about. Oh yes that was it catching your pubes in your home made knickers
  5. What do you think? , well suppose you already said that . We all hear hear things , why broadcast something that you have or don't have a involvement in on a place like this or anywhere. Some have belief on none of it but they don't kill hares
  6. It's alot of money that , especially as you had other even more important things to be there for. Hope your dad gets better and things work out as good as you can. Vet obviously expensive more on a call out . Would been good for you to know a reasonable price one and who was in the former of a human being lol . You could put down to one of them things and know what could be needed in the future
  7. Lad me and my mate knew since we teenagers had his terrier lost to ground all day and night. Next day he went back and lad we know from that area was around. He dug deep on and got dog out .the lad who's dog it was, was well drained and so happy seeing this guy dig and got his dog out for him . This was big embankment along railway, all sand and claimed numerous dogs in the past found smothered or not seen again
  8. Dug first one this month the other day. Older dog found it , dug to the dog in about a hour and a half and had a nice one .dog werent bit and happy days
  9. Had 2 digs to the start of the season. One a month before and one 2 weeks ago .Havnt been out for 2 weeks about now , so in that way it hasn't started yet
  10. Hi I understand what you mean, as once a vet told me that when I brought my young lurcher pup to him , this was about nearly 20 year's ago and he said that from listening to it with the scope. He said be no good for hunting but took no notice as knew he also be bit anti and the dog was fine . Anyway this dog i have now is terrier and lucky enough it's eating now and was right down thin . Had all the symtons of the heart disease enlargement and [BANNED TEXT] I read about it . The vet had dog stay there for five days and I have medication for 2 weeks . 3 different sets of tablets. There putting it down to a bad infection. And give right medication. The said with that type of dog that wouldn't show itself as something affecting it like other breeds in its self . I didn't think no way make it , it was in bad way for weeks and as said symptoms was same as read about but dogs was older that has it. Thanks
  11. Fair play for taking care of the dog and being there when it mattered. Glad it turned out good dog for you and you gave it that chance
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