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  1. vegetable oil, they love it, be carefull because it can end up on your walls.
  2. If you go with apple get there apple care cause apparently you will proberbly need it.
  3. Altberg defenders £32 delivered , from ebay. They are terrible in wet conditions, they slide and slip all over the place.
  4. What scopes you using?
  5. I got a double bow back, really well built.
  6. I've trained my staffy to come to me when theres another dog around. That and being very diligent, she will not allow another dog to show any dominence over her and i dont trust other dogs that i don't know.
  7. My old retriever rolled it fox poo every time we were out
  8. It happened to an old jill i had years ago, she came into season again but not for long it soon went down on its own.
  9. bathe in salt water, keep hutch clean. abit of iodine if you got it.
  10. I had to take mine back for same reason, apperantly there all coming with this power, well so said shop owner.
  11. I feed acana, before that orijen. The acana has lower protien
  12. I've recently had great success with jsb polymags
  13. Altberg defenders £30 delivered grade 1 best money I’ve spent on boots
  14. I pay £7.50 to fill my 4 Litre 300bar tank, from langport shooting range.
  15. splice topcashback layout slow shutter signal
  16. I double lined my hutch with insulation in the sides, homemade of course.
  17. Bisly magnums, but its the same with whatever pellet i use. Its very consistant with that. Good quality crono cant remember the name now.
  18. My new hw100kt is showing 10.4 on the crono
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