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  1. Hi guys haven’t been on for a long time but thought I would come on to say hi to everyone anyway here’s my bag for yesterday evening 1 woodie 1 rabbit
  2. Hello guys wondering if anyone has tried these pellets. I bought some of these pellets and can not get a decent group with them I’m using a hw100ks 177 have been using jsb exact with 4.52 heads and had no problem but I wanted to try another pellet and had read about these but I can not get a decent group with them. Has anybody else had trouble with these pellets. Thanks guys
  3. I spent a couple of hours Sunday evening with the hw100 at one of my permissions this is a recovering shoot as the farmer had some ferrets down just after Christmas but it seems to be recovering quite well. Here’s the proof.
  4. Country ways gun shop in Kent were doing the new Gamo boxer for £469 but the Gamo phox comes with everything for just under £500. ps I have a bsa ultra 22 ( single shot) it’s had less than a hundred pellets through it still in brand new condition comes with a 4-16-50 ir hawke eclipse scope and gun bag £350
  5. Its actually very good my eye Lined up perfectly with the scope but there you go it was nice to shoot though.
  6. Hi timmytree just back from Countryway gun shop just letting you know I tried the Gamo boxer it was 22 cal. They don’t have the gun in stock yet so we’re taking orders for it. Cost £469. So the rifle felt quite light it has a shrouded barrel you can not fit an after market silencer trigger pull was good I didn’t like the bolt action but that’s just me. But this rifle is accurate ten shots ten bulls on country ways indoor range. Think 25mtr overall I think this rifle is good value for your money.
  7. Ok mate will try the boxer and let you know
  8. I’ll be popping in it’s only up the road from me
  9. Sounds very promising fingers crossed
  10. Hi guys I have a hw100ks just wondering how many fills I would get from a 3ltr dive bottle. thanks guys
  11. So while all this bs is being sorted are we allowed or not allowed to take crows and pigeons.
  12. Hi guys was out with the hw100 ks Saturday morning took these rabbits and a crow. Only there for 2hours was going to shoot targets but these came into range and I thought it would be rude not to have a crack at them. Any way getting that crow earned me half a dozen fresh eggs from the land owner as the crows go into her chicken coup and steal eggs one less now though.
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