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  1. Lee.m

    Nitesite viper problem

    Spoken to Nitesite got to be honest they were brilliant they just asked for the serial number then said no problem they told me when the unit was made and were I bought it from and have arranged pick up and return for me I don’t think I could have asked for more really.
  2. Lee.m

    Nitesite viper problem

    Thanks si will try that
  3. Hi guys I’ve got a problem with my nitesite viper screen it has developed a green line that goes from top to bottom of the screen I’ve been in touch with nitesite about it as I’ve only had it just over a year now they have told me it will be a free repair but now they are saying they can not find my warranty card which I returned to them the day after I bought it I also registered it online and they are saying they can’t find that either. I did contact them yesterday by email twice and guess what they couldn’t find any of them either don’t know what’s going on but I don’t want to have to pay for something that don’t have to. So now I will have to get in touch with them again to try and sort this out.
  4. Lee.m


    Nice shooting mate
  5. Hello villa an have just been to a rfd had the Hw100ks chrono tested with jsb heavies you were right rifle was consistent 11.7 ftlbs so think I’ll be trying these now .Thanks for your help in this matter Lee
  6. Lee.m

    A few at the salad farm

    Nice shooting fella well done
  7. Cheers thanks for that will try job heavies if that not right will take it back to air gun centre for them to look at it as have got warranty on it
  8. Hi guys just wondering if anyone can help just done a chrono test on my Hw100ks and the result is average ft lbs 10.3 ft lb the cal is 177 just wondering is this a bit low ps using h&n ftt pellets. Cheers guys
  9. Lee.m

    We had some good shots.

    Well done boys thought mms system was a bit hit and miss but them ultras are accurate little guns my sons got the single shot in 22 and he loves it. Good shooting boys
  10. Lee.m

    Clinical HW 100 KT .177.

    Got my hw100ks last wk had a little problem getting grouping right with h&n ftt but now it is spot on now hitting bottle tops at 50yds and to be honest I’ve never used an air rifle to shoot at that range but as rimfireboy says it is easy to do when you get your hold over sorted. Ps that’s a lovely looking rifle and great shot well done mate
  11. Went back this morning spent a couple of hours looking for it but didn’t find it not bad really only having it not even a wk yet but there you go
  12. Went back this morning couldn’t find the mag but had a feral pigeon going back again tomorrow so will have a good look again I think I’ll need a metal detector but there you go
  13. Just got in from one of my permissions started really well had a couple of rabbits wit my first two shots ended up with 8 but 2 not retrieved then I discovered I had lost one of my magazines so what started well ended with me well peed off so will be going back tomorrow morning to see if I can find it only got the rifle Saturday as well.
  14. Cheers guys interesting comments from everyone think I will clean the barrel and go from there once again thank you to all of for your help
  15. Ok cheers everyone will get a cleaning kit