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  1. gcckoka

    Winter boots

    I order everything from US as it is still cheaper to ship them over here then buy in europe
  2. gcckoka

    Winter boots

    I am looking for winter boots , what would you recommend ? I think surplus will be better for me as I am on a tight budget, what do you think about mickey boots (black bunny boots) ? Also I'm looking for mid weight base layers for my winter backpacking trip , any recommendations ? in about 30$ range
  3. gcckoka

    Driven Moose Hunt

    Thank you very much sir ! Glad you like it
  4. gcckoka

    Driven Moose Hunt

    Thanks ! I was using an Sjcam , cheap gopro alternative that is very durable and yes it was head mounted. Head mount is best for hunting as you get the view of what the hunter is seeing , gun mount is good for secondary shot if you already have other camera filming everything and youll but the gun shot moment from the gun mount , chest mount is not so good I wouldnt recommend for hunting however for fishing its not bad.
  5. gcckoka

    Driven Moose Hunt

    Thank you very much guys !
  6. here's a video of my 3 day trip when we opened the season, hope you like it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whtx00MKZlw&t=25s
  7. My dream was always to go abroad hunting , this year I was invited in Belarus , I was able to find a sponsor and was able to go , it was very interesting and I will try hard to back back there again , hope you like the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6MrhWXFtOk
  8. gcckoka

    Hello from Georgia

    It was the best place to hunt, deer , roe buck , bear , boar , tur , chamois and more , but because of illegal hunting everything got almost instinct so they prohibited it 10 years ago , only on private hunting outfitters you can hunt boar , rabbits and predators. Any animal hunting is illegal but bird hunting is possible almost everywhere and is free.
  9. gcckoka

    Hello from Georgia

    Yes , it was like a dream come true , any animal hunting here is illegal , I have relative in Belarus who invited me to hunt , I was able to find a sponsor and went on the trip to hunt and fish, I also have a video of it am I allowed to post it here?
  10. Hello everyone, my name is Nick , I'm a hunter , woodsman and bushcrafter from Georgia (country not the state) I Have been hunting since I'm 10 , from 12 with my own shotgun. Mostly over here we hunt birds, quail , pheasant , duck and woodcock. Hope I will learn a thing or two here and enjoy discussions with fellow hunters. Here are a few picks of mine.