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  1. Hi all, i just thought because i was bord i would just show you a good picture that i took of my staffy bull earlier on in the week, how you like, feel free to show me any of your dogs as i would love to see them. cheers mitch
  2. I noticed that too, but maybe they are the main types of dog who are being misstreated, because the people who own them dont work them and the dogs become naughty, so the owners throw thme out on the streets. Mitch
  3. Ive got a BSA ultra .22 and for me it does the job i got shooting rabbit in a local farm and it hasnt let me down i got mine for £200 and i came with a case and a very good scope but i suppose i got a good deal ive never had a .177 but i would always take up the chance to get one if i could Mitch
  4. My dad said dont be cheeky father Jack hacket,
  5. BSA ultra single shot .22 £200 (with 3x9x40 Walther illuminated scope) Mitch
  6. I already have a BSA ultra single shot and an AA s400 classic. both .22 and i just woundered if anyone could recommend a new one for me thanks mitch
  7. At least when he is in the house we can turn him down
  8. Hello, My names mitchell and id just thought that i would introduce myself to te site before i go exploring. Me and my dad go shooting rabbits on a farmhouse in lichfeild. i have a .22 bsa ultra single shot and my dad has a air arms s400 classic .22 We also have a staffordshire bull terrier called tallulah but she isnt the hunting type, she prefers the fire. I will be glad to make some friends and find out any new tips and triks that you all may no Thanks Mitch p.s. thats tallulah
  9. You can upload pictures to the site without being a donator i think as i have already uploaded pictures
  10. You got yourself some nice lookin pups there mate. We got a god just like that an shes crackin
  11. Mr Smallman


    I dont have a pay pal account, but i will get my dad 'Buster321c' to donate some on my behalf Sorry to hear about that mate
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