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  1. Good look mate I have probably been round every farm in South Yorkshire and got nothing if ye face don’t fit
  2. Thank you best sport going oh sorry best crop protection going
  3. My tip is never get into pigeon shooting as it soooo addictive enjoyable and frustrating
  4. Went out on my own to a field that has been absolutely hammered by the pigeons not long after setting up the wind change direction moving from behind to slightly in front an the sun was a bit of a bitch as well but still had a good few hour with a bag of 27 picked
  5. Cheers and Ye it as been hammered
  6. Had a day out on Monday to finish the Christmas holidays off the day was looking good plenty of birds in the area a good wind so we set up in a sheltered location as the wind was cold turned out to be a difficult but good day with 60 picked. Please excuse the clay on one of the shotkam videos it’s playing up at the moment and recording everything with the same date stamp
  7. Had that a number of times and packed up gone to said field only for them to go to where I was originally set up
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