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  1. Nah, They're going to put them on special licence. Those plastic knives are lethal you know. They cut chicken legs like a hot knife through butter. They are going to have to be individually numbered and kept under secure conditions. If one snaps you're going to have to take it in to get a replacement. One for one issue. What happens when some bloke is walking back from a garage to his car with a gallon of petrol.? Dangerous stuff petrol. And a whole gallon.!! Ban petrol cars. ....... what's that you say. .? They are going to ban petrol.
  2. Meece

    Ed Sheeran

    I try to not watch all of the junk. ( most of tv ) just recently I've been reloading and watching late at night. there are some really good programs on later /early morning but I suppose most of the Muppet / sheep population wouldn't be able to get the brain cell around these.
  3. And if they don't go bang you can always rotate the case and give em another go or two or three. If they haven't performed by that, snap the bullet out, pour the powder into a pile and put a match to the pile. Sport one way or another.
  4. Well.. did you shoot them, offload them or what.... we bought a quantity of 22rf from an auction. Some were green print boxes and some red print. We found that the brass cased rounds fire ok and are quite accurate. Perhaps not Olympic standard but accurate enough for 50 paces. The copper cased ones don't generally fire. The primer compound seems to have degraded by the copper case and don't ignite. (Generally,) even after turning the case several times. ). The brass cased ones all fired ok. The powder is ok though if the tip is pulled and a match applied to the powder. They're not da
  5. I can imagine the gendamerie looking at that load of scrawl with a kid's crayon and saying..... ( in pigeon French like the French... Alo.Alo policeman). .. what is theese.? Edit... how come that if plod can just write entries on there so can you.? In theory you could go to another country get a weapon, bring it back here, erase that weapon from the cert and you'd have an off ticket weapon. It ain't going to happen but,,,,,,
  6. It's got to be sods law. When its happened I've even walked out the hide and across the field to see if I can see the hide. My mate has even watched the hide if he could see any movement. Still another and more galling thing is when they've been on the field yesterday and you go and set up only for the birds to overfly the pattern out of shot range and sail on into the distance. I remember one particular time when I went back to the car, got the binoculars out and watched the birds fly on for about good mile and land on a field. Unfortunately not a field that I would get access to. I
  7. This is about the same for me. One time On renewal of my cert I asked for an extra silencer and was told that I couldn't have another one on my cert because I could just use the one that I'd got on the other rifles.! On the next renewal the FOE was totally the opposite. He suggested me having a different silencer for every rifle and a spare slot in case I wanted tò get something different. They just make it up as they go along. The trouble is that no one has got the want or the balls to sort stuff like this out. They renewed my European firearms pass just a few months before Brexit. It'
  8. The situation that we now face is down to apothy from the sporting community and mainly the shooting organisations. The time I realised this was at a game fair when basic were there represented by a couple of Gillies and a young bloke who was more of a car salesman. All they were interested in was trying to get people to take out a basic credit card. When I did see someone who looked more like a country squire in a driven shoot than a bloke who went rabbiting and pigeon shooting. All that occupied his attention was the new range rover is basic livery he was showing off to some other bloke
  9. It's strange that only yesterday I dropped round to a friend's who is also a gun nut just before the light went. About a year ago I gave him a BIG stack of old shooting times. Some of them going back to the late seventies. Recently he had been reading throught them and he said that the golden age for us was the early 80s towards 2000 and that we had, had the best of it. He is a bit outrageous and shoots as much as he can. All of my neighbours would be horrified if the knew A. That I had guns, B. That I had.... stocks of powder, primers, ammunition, shotguns and rifles.!!!!!!..... he mus
  10. Is there any mention in this jungle of words as to how much a licence would cost.? What any criteria would be. ? Would these laws prohibit / include having a spaniel or a lab to go rough shooting with.?
  11. Super day. At least you had birds in the sky. It's bad when you set up on a cold windy day and they all decide that the field next door was better feeding.
  12. You can't just take a picture of a garden hedge and make out it's a hide. Well you can but that don't make it a hide, but you could hide in it, but it would be a ......t to shoot out of.
  13. AND, poor quality veg at that. Just total Vermin.
  14. Even the tiger can't stand the blighter. You can almost see the lips curled back in distaste.
  15. Just trying for a second hand unit.
  16. There's the wind to consider also. But it's a different angle to know how much lift and rattle one near or even a bragging take out.
  17. It's more a case of trajectory drop to get the bullet on target. .22lr std vel is used for nsra target shooting at 100 mtrs outdoor. There's plenty of energy and accuracy available. I've shot mine on a 600 yard range. Took a bit of trial and error looking for the dust impact down range and the bottom of the scope crosshair was about a foot optically above the top of the butts bank .... so maybe 20..30 ft of drop ( not going to get into an argument about drop, ect) but when I found the point I could consistently put them in the black. The simple way is to go out, set up a chunk of wallp
  18. I am looking for a 410 conversation kit for a MEC 600 mk5
  19. Yeah I've had those. I sent them back with a covering letter about leadless cartridges.
  20. Aging and physical problems are a real drag down. I got slowed down by an operation on my shoulder for a rotor cuff tendon injury. With the time waiting for the operation and the healing time it was nearly two years.! Then I've had a ruptured Achilles tendon which has been over a year. I am looking towards an operation for repair. But apparently there is quite a high risk of serious problems so I may be looking for a piggy back.!
  21. Or going backwards and forwards over to Europe with belly tanks. I don't know about how they tax their fuel. From memory I think that I was told the ww2 petrol was blue and they called it pool petrol.
  22. What I was trying to get over was that making everyone use white is just a way to tax everyone because the red... and marker is only a way to show that no tax has been levied on that product. The actual product is the same. That's why tractors, diggers, and all machines will run on it with no probs at all other than visa.
  23. Correct me if I'm wrong but as far as I know there is no physical difference between red and white except the red dye content for taxation purposes. All this is going to do is load taxation onto anyone who uses fuel for whatever purpose. The guy that I was apprenticed under told me that during WW2 dye was put in petrol and this was a get to work allowance. If you were pulled doing anything else you got a heavy fine. He had a quick change tank along with an upjetted carb and ran on methanol which wasn't restricted.
  24. Text speak.?? What is that then.?
  25. That's strange . The banned word in my post was 3 letters (what) and wasn't offensive, aggressive, rude or anything really. Odd. Anyway your posting.
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