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  1. Meece


    Don't be so silly. they're ME 109's and their hot on the tail of the lone rangers personal airplane. If you look closely you will notice the name of the lone rangers bestest mate TomTom painted on the fin. Spitfire indèed
  2. Meece

    243 ammo

    Like people, guns are different and like different ammo. First there is no magic silver bullet or brand. It depends on what the target object is. Paper, or Fox or deer. I've seen guns that will shoot a brand onto a 10p piece at 100 and another gun struggle to put the same ammo onto a dustbin lid. that's why I reload. every type of round is tailored to the job it has to do. EG, you wouldn't use a JCB to get your shopping from Tesco or a London bus to plough a field. Do you follow?
  3. Meece


    A woman that is near me works on renovating old aeroplanes. She told me that there are more spits flying now than since the war. She said that there were companies out there making wings and fusilages and there was a world wide search for Merlin engines that were fitted in launches and tanks and all sorts of other applications. these engines might be of different configurations than those fitted in aircraft but the main block is the same. These engines are stripped down and rebuilt to a high standard and modified to power these rebuilt spits. Lots of money involved. A two seat spit flew over here about two weeks ago and the engine sounded like a cylinder was out of sync. A friend is thinking about having a one hour pleasure flight in one of the 2 seat versions which is about £2750 for 30 mins. That's a lot of ammunition or a lot of time with a woman ! Well you have to consider the options. . I Dunno what his Mrs would do with the money ? It might include him being cut for a start.
  4. Meece

    World Cup cricket

    Fantastic finish. Well played by everyone. Sorry for the New Zeeland players it was on nothing. Could have gone either way.
  5. Meece

    Don't tell me this illegal....

    That is only speculation. Just because that person wrote that statement doesn't prove anything. You have taken a speculative statement and thrown it out there as a proven act. If I write on here that I had a long chat with a space man about his companion big cat that he allows to roam the countryside at night. Are you going to come on here writing how that statement is true. Irregardless of the lack of substantiation and it is stupidity ? Plod ain't got the manpower to come out and investigate real crime and burglaries let alone reading the posts on here and multitudes of other sites and the hundreds of posts daily. Then there's the multitudes of sites spewing out hatred towards others.
  6. Meece


    I certainly think that there is something wrong going down with this situation. why is everyone trying to bend the will of the people? They all crack on about democracy but they're all doing their utmost to avoid what the MAJORITY vote was. it must be that they've all got their hands in the till somewhere. Liberal Democrats. = get snouts in any trough = Totally anti democratic. = They say anything to get to the table first. Labour = misguided souls. = Lost in space with Steptoe at the controls and the AbbotOpotumus as navigator. = they were last seen heading for the sun !!! Conservatives = load of backstabbing bar tenders. I think that Boris ( if elected ). should CALL (buzz word ) for a serious cull and prune out all of the dead wood. Come on KING NIGE. Make em have it. Now for something completely different. A week in politics is a long time. some of these traitors might Kark it before the due date. or perhaps the Queen might call a halt to it. after all if the EU beurocrats get in total control her grandson might not become king. they might do away with that sort of position and have a committee instead and ship all the Crown Jewels over to Brussels.
  7. Meece


    But now that useless John major is threatening to go to court and demand a judicial review. Someone should give him a bar of exlax. Forcibly . That would give him something else to think about. And keep him fully occupied wipping his rear and keeping him close to the pan.
  8. Meece

    Pigeon Shooting

    One problem is that people take someone similar to you out for a bit of shooting and the next thing you know is that the guest is going out on the shoot on their own and leaving junk and cartridge cases all over the place or even gone to the owner and tried to pay money for the shoot. Sometimes the original shooter has been called and the farmer has ripped him a new port hole for damage and mess and told not to come back. That's some of the reason that its difficult.
  9. Meece

    Ear defenders

    I've got hearing loss due to gunfire and General high levels of engineering noise over many years. I now use hearing aids due to certain frequency loss. I use various types of ear defenders when on the ranges but I just can't wear them when general shooting such as walked up or driven. The best ear protection that I have found are Bilson soft plugs. They are like a plastic bag filled with cotton wool shaped like ear plugs. They are comfortable for many hours use and the 20 bore sounds like a gentle pop. Hearing damage is a long process that creeps up on you. And then its too late.
  10. Meece

    New Scope Suggestions

    Well blow me down. Hallelujah. Some sense at last. 6x mag on a 270. Good choice. Leupold is a good quality scope. Unless people have looked through world class glass they don't know what they don't know. But go for fixed mag. Better glass and no adjustments to meddle about with
  11. Meece

    Good, bad & the shitty

    I've heard of some that have offloaded into the top of their overalls. I did hear of one bloke that was loose and had to cut the top off of his overalls and used some wire as a belt to hold the trouser bit up. I had a near escape one time when I was that desperate and pulled up at a public toilet only to find out that it was the local gaylords cottage !!! Needs must when the devil drives. And there was the time on a flignt back from Mauritius when it was bad. I think that I might have caught several ships on fire coming over the channel !! I think that the whole plane was aflicted, because everyone made a beeline for the bogs when we landed at Gatwick. I think it was caused by the smoked marlin salad out of Nairobi.
  12. Meece

    Too hot to sleep

    Yeah. It's going to become more usual. Hooray. Lower electric / heating bills and it seems to make females titties grow bigger. Its a win, win all round.
  13. Meece

    Too hot to sleep

    As low as 17.5 c : perhaps you need a bit of time out in the sand. We love the heat, roll on global warming. We only have to have a day or two of sunshine and people are moaning about it. What do you want? Horizontal freezing rain thrashing down? Freezing gales? Not getting light until about 10 am and getting dark at 3.30 pm. The phone box library is a great idea. There's some nice bòoks in that one. The Mrs is always swapping books, some of the books must have travelled through many hands and countries. If only she'd read something of use like practical plumbing or arc welding for beginners rather than about the woes of some homo or other ne'er do well. she's a lost cause though.
  14. It's a gun. It's a cheap Baikal. The repair is a bit agricultural but If it goes bang and you can shoot with it, what's it matter. I've seen blokes with very expensive guns that can't hit a barn door from 10 yards.
  15. Meece

    raffa leaves newcastle

    If a deal for the club by this shiek hasn't been signed, I wonder if the asking price has fallen through the floor ? Success can't nnecessarily be bought as the owner's of Fulham found out. Newcastle have managed to hold on for a couple of seasons but with a new manager and backroom staff what's the chances of that continuing. I've seen it written that Raffa might go to the Chinese league, as they've offered him 12 million a year or the new ownwers might reinstate him on an improved deal. Whichever happens, he is well in pocket. If you've been a top flyte manager for as long as he has for so many clubs he ain't exactly short of a Bob or two. All of the potential incoming managers have all run aground somewhere and I can't see any of them just working this one out.