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  1. I think that Randy andy has just dug a very deep hole that he could well be buried in. He is well known for his reckless arrogance and it seems as if he may have bulldozed this stupid interview through against advice. Apparently a senior advisor jacked the other week. I dont Think that he was after under age meat but that his reckless arrogance got him c**** struck and very soon he was up to his axles in guts. That woman fixer for Epstein would have made sure that the girl/girls were well warmed up and greased for the occation. It's a case of you do something for me and I'll do something for you. Although they shoved Carl beech inside for being everything they could, was there a big element of truth about a high level ring of abusers ?. I dont think that andy is specifically a child abuser but that he is an arrogant prick who thinks that he can do as he pleases ... like " I'll call in the beeb, tell them that I don't recall anything and that will be the end of it and I'll swan off over to the USA and we'll not say any more a out it " ! I think that the key to all of this is ghislane Maxwell who knows what it is all about. If you read this link you will see the tangled web of the Maxwell's, Clinton's, Epstein and the kind of lives they led using maga amounts of money. Most of which has been obtained by dubious sources. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghislaine_Maxwell If you have town houses in New York and belgravia your probably up to no good. Her father Robert Maxwell ended up floating face down in the med. That's the kind of world that they live in. You only have to check out all of the mysterious unnexplained deaths and suicides that have occurred over the years. You never know but he might have to do the honourable thing and take the revolver. If he'd been younger the Duke might have shot him accidentally on a pheasant drive.
  2. Bump...... one for the Norfolk boys.
  3. Anyone for watersking ? It's got about 200 horse under the bonnet and is good for about 35 mph. You could have won a speedboat..
  4. Meece

    Family history.

    Tracing family trees is difficult . Back when the population was less literate than it is now, ( hard to believe when you see the spelling and grammar in some/ most of the post on here,) names were misspelt and sons and daughters had the same first name as their mother or father. This makes it difficult to follow the line. I did a bit and the learning curve on these ancestry sites is pretty steep. It surprised me that things that the olds had said suddenly became key pieces in the puzzle. I found links on my Father's side that went back to the 1500s in the Birmingham area and also to the 1700s in the Suffolk area as flour millers. On Mothers side my grandfather was killed in the first world war and is planted out in a cemetery near Bethune in France. Her family were sheep farmers from the Romney marsh area and smugglers.allegedly one was hanged for rustling and moving boundaries. My family name is one that came over with William The Conqueror and an area in northern France. This area had been overrun by the Vikings in previous times. This could account for the fact that our family is blue eyed and blonde and we have been born with an axe. Or it could be anything. Mother did tell me when I was a young lad that I was a black hearted Bast. Nice of her wasn't it !
  5. I've shot my .22lr on a 600 yard range using std Eley match. It was a reasonably still day. By trial and error, watching the puffs of dirt on the range to the target I put the crosshair on the bull and then raised the crosshair up so that the bottom of the vertical crosshair was on the top of the bank above the target. This must have been 10 to 15 ft vertical drop ( no way of measuring the drop distance). The bullets soon got there and wacked through the target with a fair accuracy. You would not have wanted to be standing there . I found this link to a bit of interesting info. 》》》》》 https://sites.google.com/site/thelongrangerimfireclub/home/longrange-rimfire-ballistics
  6. It was a bit of a thermal shock, first I thought that it was a mistake. Then that it was my system and when that didn't work, I thought that the site had collapsed. Like being notified that your redundant by email. Stil the spaniel appreciated the downtime.
  7. I don't understand peoples thought patern on this. The bullet is supersonic. Anyone that thinks that putting a silencer on the front of a 17 will silence the gun is living in la la land . If you put a 22 carat gold silencer on it it will still be the same. No mod will silence a supersonic bullet Ok the can will muffle and diffuse the muzzle sound a bit but so would a baked bean tin fixed on the front. Unless I shoot near buildings I don't bother using a silencer. I wear ear plugs for my own protection and it isn't as if I'm shooting whole mags off. I do need ear protection from muzzle blast as did my vehicle bonnet that got heavily bent by the muzzle blast from my 270 under full power and the chronograph which was blown over on its tripod by the blast from about 5 paces away. That's when you need a silencer.
  8. Minor problem with that idea. A 1.7hmr bullet is supersonic and it doesn't matter what silencer is used. It won't silence it. It might diffuse the sound direction a bit but it will still be the same. That's why I use .22lr with subs. Simple.
  9. Meece

    The Election

    Now that King Nige has stated that they aren't going to stand in any conservative held seat, is Borris going to reciprocate in liebor held seats that the Tories would never take and give King Nige a leg up. It would make a lot of sense to focus resources in the areas where they would have the best effect.
  10. When I was a lad it snowed every year and father had the local wheelwright and blacksmith knock us up a family size sledge. There was a field that eveveryone descended on to go sledgjng. nowadays IF we get any snow at all it's pretty much gone by lunchtime. I cant stand the bloody stuff. All it does is cost money and causes disruption.
  11. That reminds me of the old warrener videos where Charlie had slaughtered a young lads banties. The warrener said that people always said, "how did charlie know that we hadn't locked up the coop" ? The warrener replied " Charlie checks out the hen house, EVERY NIGHT" !!! I've baited up and sat out on a tower many times waiting. I cut sticks as range markers because it loòks different at night. I find watching the antics of charlie both fascinating and amusing. One time I was watching one and suddenly it raced off the field like it had been shot at. It went straight through the hedge like an arrow. Twenty minutes later it came back through the hedge in the same manner and carŕied on as it had earlier. Strange behaviour. Good hunting
  12. Meece

    The Election

    and to be honest I don't care if he is lying. at least he's trying to do something. and not just coming out with statements to lull the brain dead into voting for their pockets to be emptied. Sheep. I once knew a bloke that told all of the women he had a big cock. I didn't check the truth of his statements. One could always vote for the MONSTER RAVING LOONEY PARTY. BECAUSE THEY ARE PROBABLY THE ONLY ONES THAT ARE TELLING ANYTHING LIKE THE TRUTH. All the others are in a bidding game of I can tell a bigger whopper than he. Iiebor are just talking stupid about spending the amount of money that they are. it's like any of us ordering a big helicopter and a BIG yacht cos We want one and we're worth it. everyone is saying that Boris lied about us coming out on the 31st but he would have done except for the corrupt mps who are really being obstructive. well they were. I would have instigated a massive cull from the get go. Personally I would instruct HM inland revenue to turn these traitors inside out to find out if they are getting backhanders from other sources. how else could their dug in stance be explained. why would John major have the want to take a sitting conservative government to court over it. why would it concern him other than he got hit in the pocket.
  13. Thanks for the reply. My setup is 223 topped with a 6x42 Leupold scope and using a 55grn Sierra gameking 1390 propelled by a FULL charge of 4895. This is quite a hot load and I have worked it up over a period of time. This is around 3450 which is only a couple of hundred less than a 22.250 but only about half of the charge wt. I usually briefly use white now because they are used to seeing white from cars ect and it illuminates the target better than red ect especially over cultivated ground. I set at about 1" high at about 150. As stated I very rarely shoot at long range because firstly most places don't offer long range shots and I do like to identify the target and make sure that it isn't someones stay dog that is out there. Mostly I stalk the target using the wind and ground contours to get to about eighty. I know that I am about right as soon as I can see a pair of eyes rather than one. In the past I have encountered several situations where if I had not been careful the result would not have been good. one was where some calves had been put in a field which should have been empty and one was rubbing its head on the hedge bottom. All I saw was a moving set of eyes and was told by the farms shepherd who was with me to shoot. Good job I didn't !! Ive never had a lot of success with 322. I have a vacant slot for a 1.7 REM which is a something else calibre which is not as popular as it should be. piano wire out to 300 at over 4000. I've just never had the need to go get one because I have 223 and 222. I can only shoot so much and Ive got too many. well that's what two feo's have told me.
  14. What is your setup? Rifle, cal, cartridge, bullet type /wt ? we're your white or red or I/r and did you have to give any hold over. Lots of questions but alĺ valid and interesting. I use a 223 and have taken then out to about 300 paces but that sort of range is not normal for me. Where possible I try to get them in to about eighty paces. At this range I can positively id the target .
  15. The mechanical side is ok and for what they are their quite impressive but the weak point are the batteries. People say it's New technology but unless you are using them really regularly the batteries fail. How many on here have battery drills that are like new but the battery packs dont hold charge. Ps, I think that the multi use battery pack for the Stihl which can be planted Into other stihl battery powered tools is over £300. It is quite a lump
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