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  1. We are looking for a summer worker, to start immediately, to take part in all aspects of game rearing from egg collecting to release to wood. Must be able to work alongside a hardworking team. It would be valuable experience for anyone hoping to get into keepering. Must be local to Lockerbie as there is no accommodation with job. Please pm me with phone no. For an informal chat Andy
  2. foxyfowler

    Airsporter mk5 service/smoothing out

    It's an underlever not a break barrel Andy
  3. foxyfowler

    Drunken Bunnies?

    More than likely vhd. Andy
  4. foxyfowler

    One Killer Less

    Are you talking magpies or cuckoos laying in other nests? Andy
  5. foxyfowler

    Browning 17 Hmr T-Bolt

    That's the first time I've ever heard anyone say the t bolt has a sweet trigger. My mate bought a 22lr t bolt and the trigger is awful. He's even fitted an extra trigger to double the leverage on it. There are petitions on the web trying to get the aftermarket trigger boys to come up with an answer to no avail. Let's hope browning have come to their senses and fitted a better trigger on the newer rifles like yours seems to have. Andy
  6. foxyfowler

    Using Bait For Foxes

    Well done !! Andy
  7. foxyfowler

    Using Bait For Foxes

    Sat around my sons pens at release time last year and he tipped deer guts out in open areas to draw them. It worked a treat. I shot 14 over the week I was there. We've also shot them over fallen stock, sheep, in the past. Andy PS he put the bait out a couple of days before I arrived PPS. I have the advantage of a thermal imager for spotting and a dedicated nv scope. You'd probably be okay with a lamp if you don't mind long shots, and you can range find everything in daylight and make a mental note of ranges to various points. Andy
  8. foxyfowler


    I clean my centre fire mods occasionally in the sonic cleaner. Don't clean anything else at the same time though. It's like washing coloureds and whites together. Andy
  9. Doesn't have to be the same calibre. I once swapped 22wmr for a moderator, on a one for one variation Andy
  10. foxyfowler

    Remington Recall

    My lad has had his 270 done, trigger breaks nicely, but real heavy pull. So much so, that he can't group it anything like he used to with the original trigger. He's saving for a timmey or similar. Andy
  11. foxyfowler

    Steel Target Thickness?

    Google Hardox targets. All you need to know. Andy
  12. foxyfowler

    Lamping Truck

    Sold to Andy97 pending usual Andy
  13. foxyfowler

    Lamping Truck