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  1. Bet You wouldn’t get one theAse Muslim fuckers that have been re - homed nicking your bacon butty ? lol ?
  2. Nice dogs is the top one a border or border x
  3. Nice stamp of terrier , Solid , built for the job doesnt look oversized , what’s it go back to lines wise
  4. ???? I presume your talking about the pic of the dog above your post !! may I ask how you come by that statement from a picture ( no pun intended) but it’s hard to gauge size and make up of a dog from a photo with nothing by the dog to show the size etc and size although an advantage in certain places ( hindrance in others) doesn’t make the dog the heart and the drive counts for far more none of this can be ascertained from a photo ( not even a good photo ) unless you have personal experience with the dog in question!!!!
  5. It’s all good what I can see just adding comment through experience using such tool they tend to wear and turn off set or turn as your digging with thread I’ve got couple and still use but best I’ve had even though it’s bit and only bit of pain is with the pin going through “small screw and wing but that low down you won’t catch your hand let’s face it realistically if you’ve got to conceal it in a bag youl put up with any thing but that’s the nature of the game thanks to mo Ike phones etc ? looks smart any how ?
  6. Everything lols good but with experience with screw thread it will turn better off with. Connection similar but where slips in and you have screw with wing nut drilled through not that much methier to put together and won’t turn with wear
  7. Heard this giggalo can shift some soil after all that bag work lol ?
  8. Did you get the post card mssg I sent you I’m back home Thursday can you give me ring cheers
  9. Surely your hunting licence ( first one with photo is proof enough huntsmen and master huntsman change from season to season
  10. That would be John griff dog called brock big head on the dog
  11. Yes you did ! Your dog has similar ped to both my bitch and dog now neuted
  12. No bud dog seen one never tried the bitch keep blacks for work bought them on me 40th always liked borders , should of tried bitch my blacks are nuts but she’s turned two of them over in past nearly killed one they started it she finished it then walks away like nothing happened carried on playing she’s not aggressive at all bloody good noes on her as well bred her with dog twice she doesn’t have many pups dogs been newted now may get one last litter out of her as her last bloods there but never tried her truthfully bought them stop p
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