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  1. sooty92

    working homes required

    Well done ! If all the border terrier owner thought like this the breed wouldn’t be so in decline if not extinct in parts of the country as a worker
  2. sooty92

    Classified Information

    Tyson was a border with the foxfinn prefex pabs around 2000? ,couple of lads I know had a lining from him, dug to a few from him, some good some bad. Atb dcIt was always at stud and winning shows down country £100 fee to cover ya bitch.never seen it but I know a few who did and said he was a tiny little thing.he threw pups of a handy size, bitches were small and narrow, the dogs could be rough and didn't learn discretion, can't remember any making old bones if I'm honest.they were all gone after a few yrs lads back to the black dogs. Atb dcWhen I was doing a lot of digging with my borders and I won plenty of shows to there was a few lads told me about how small Tyson was and it was winning everything down country.i liked the look of him in the shooting news but didn't know if the lad worked him,but the lads I knew who had seen him said mine was a better size and stamp so I never bothered to go and check him over.i got to the stage mine was getting to hard for there own good so only getting 5 digs a season because of the straight they were getting in plus they were mute on the dogs but the bitches mixed and bayed spot on.i was going to go out with jeff felaroni until he passed away when he came up to my place as I gave him a good deerhoundxgreyhound bitch to run with his dog.How are the borders doing now! You still got them
  3. sooty92

    Diatomaceous Earth

    Go on eBay Put DIE powder inn Cheap enough to be sent If your putting it in food each day /bedding and dowsing dog in it You need bit of it
  4. sooty92

    Diatomaceous Earth

    Die powder yes good stuff Very dusty though But good gear does what is says
  5. sooty92

    Galv Panels

    How much for the 6x6 panel
  6. sooty92

    Working Border Terrier.

    you no burnieHad bitch off burnie and dog off mark Out of frost dog Lost burnie no Have you got it pm me was it out of bob?Both out of frost dog ?? 8 year ago
  7. sooty92

    Working Border Terrier.

    you no burnieHad bitch off burnie and dog off mark Out of frost dog Lost burnie no Have you got it pm me
  8. In winter feed dogs meat + dry But I like to boil it first Use the water to add to the dry mix it together Don't mind throwing them the big bones good for them
  9. sooty92


    Credit to youAny better pics of her
  10. sooty92


    Nice bitch how she bred
  11. sooty92

    Start Of Season Jacket

    Get snowbee lightweight jacket around £60 eBay you can roll them up Just have mine in a bag or in pouch on belt Good jacket
  12. sooty92

    Border Pup

    Nice pup
  13. sooty92

    Working Border / Or Dodo

    Where are theses hidden treasures then !!!! Nice to hear bit more about them I've heard of the odd one scattered about But not some one or group of people that have a consistency coming through
  14. Where are all the genuine game borders , worked day in day out through season!!! Or have they become one dig and a cash register
  15. sooty92

    Brian Nuttall

    If it's litter I think had one meselfAlan summers gill (. Slug ) nuttal's duke ! 83-84 good old Slug, Alan gave her to my friend Rob the last time i dug to her she was 12 , hell of a bitch to work not hard, stay all day bayer, but a nightmare if not in the ground she would not shut up unless she was working, used her son over her grand daughter and thats where it all started for me , Slug was blitz2 to meg J.richardson blood, Sooty92 did you ever find the Photo of the dog you had out of that litter ?.... i had blacks before this blood but nothing as good I have got couple not the best photos I will get them posted for you The dog I had Grip was broken coated about 13-14 at shoulder quite strong dog Nicer looking than the photos I have I will put it up