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  1. pablo esc

    Doubling Up Dogs

    Some would. And some would get very selfish. Everyone to their own as the say.
  2. pablo esc


    Yeah I'm all honesty she's never fitting - I was wrong - so I don't need to worry too much ok I understand. Atb
  3. pablo esc


    You might have strength and power and other things but size and overweight won't get it in most places, .and iam not knocking you but you have the weight to a tee. ( something I wouldn't know much about in dogs ) , so how do you know that will work out too ?
  4. pablo esc

    Brian Nuttall

    The be fuming. All the serious terriermen .the might have to go hunting
  5. pablo esc

    Brian Nuttall

    He hasn't spoke to the missus and kids for 3 days because he's been on here .poor kid ha
  6. pablo esc

    Brian Nuttall

    I got a funny pm off him. Psml. What a guy
  7. pablo esc

    Clulite 500

    You got a bargain. The more cost now , vat and postage .i couldn't believe it when I saw it and now hearing this .i just have to use it now lol. Was going to go tonight but got bit to wet out . It's same size as my old lightforce which I barely used for years and I was short on batteries for season. Sooner have my new one, I be flying it
  8. pablo esc

    Brian Nuttall

    ok sorry. I didn't need i had to be in a certain time either
  9. pablo esc

    Clulite 500

    Got one. Cheers lads
  10. pablo esc

    Brian Nuttall

    What the hell. You really are off your bonnet. I felt a bit sorry for you. Or should I say you didn't mean what you was saying but after reading your pm .fk you too
  11. pablo esc

    Brian Nuttall

    I know. He was quick in a way to be witty and nearly as retarted as me with writing. But he wasn't having a go to be spineless twat . The bit that got me though, was saying that he watching someone on utube with the arrows and boar. " I want to do that " . Oh stop
  12. pablo esc

    Brian Nuttall

    No your alright. Met enough dickheads, don't need to meet no more.
  13. pablo esc

    Brian Nuttall

    I got a pm off him , saying did I come across as being a ct , and he only wanted to see a chocolate patterdale, ha ha.
  14. pablo esc

    Brian Nuttall

    good advice but maybe your waisting it saying it on here and it probably come to nothing. Oh well it was fun .you don't laugh you cry .
  15. pablo esc

    Brian Nuttall

    Ffsake. No one got manners anymore or just pig ignorant. What the fk has this got to do with whatever the name of the threads called. As the say. Grow a pair or start a thread , lol