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  1. Time to cancel this account,hopefully in way that never get back on .get nowhere listening to this , goes round same old shite here and in this type of dogworled. I know this for a fact ,too many facts . Main thing for anyone decent is guard what is yours and close to you and trust none , ta ta
  2. Thsts how you hunt , work your dogs and look after them and respect your game and land . You on the other hand?
  3. Makes good sense mate and when you was digging the places that were different beforehand you obviously had no fear but also no stupidity . The is some younger lads out there in the minority maybe who keen as but also been around the block bit to know what it's about , unlike a heap nowadays who already think know it all and not want to listen
  4. Fair play to you FD and with all due respect,i know that you know a proper lifetime of the hunting and terriers and the other ins and outs that comes ones way . I wouldn't say that you too old yet ha ,must be all the heavy work , and true enough, have to be realistic in how long to keep terriers in keep for any a man in life , but sure you have it under control
  5. That was meant to say that the shows arnt on lol ,not that i bother going,only odd one every so many years , just like your mates magazines, the got boring
  6. Yes Budd, have it all in there in the stock , but names not matter if not worked out for me , and the have so need bit luck as one man once said on here too , yes still digging just about ha ,had one dig two weeks ago , shallow but everything went perfect and with being on your own and out . Other than that it be the season hopefully, especially now that the shows are on and hear that have nothing to try read because off your mates magazines
  7. I don't know what you mean by nuttal robot stock , cos I'm not one who's got dogs off people's bred robots and bred them together. Me own dogs are a mix of stuff , without putting Lakeland or Russell in
  8. Good man yourself, fox dropper, forgive my spelling boy !
  9. Ha ha, the can talk the talk but not walk the walk hey pal . Still , least me dogs are better than yours buddy , where's you breed culls , I worked and bred true workers boy !
  10. I didn't need sauce to work and breed better than dogs than yourself matey
  11. Old bull hound , been a good dog in the daytime, and intelligent.i probably never get agood as one in a lifetime maybe
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