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  1. Look mate .I have friends and people who know me and who live on that estate . No one has ever said such a thing and it's never happened.one my old mates who around at that time even mentioned it a few months ago to someone who said it , saying how I never stole a dog but the guy wouldn't reason with him but got aggravated. I got friends there and the know that it's not true about stealing any kids dog .
  2. No terrier was nicked off any kid . A dog was wondering and I asked a woman crossing the road if it was hers. She said may be from house across the road so I knocked and two guys there denined it was his , then said who are you and said keep the dog it fighting with me other and said he battered it and flung it. Then months later when sorted it out he hanging about trying to pull a stroke. We even took him hunting
  3. Yes and it's goodnight from me . I forgot how to hunt getting tied up with these breeds
  4. All that's fuzzing my brain pal is how you beat on about stuff that's not your concern and the other two sidekicks who like to drill a story out to please themselves .for what gain I can imagine
  5. So in all honesty.you don't like people who do. And is for drugs gear it was twenty years ago so get over it I have. Terriers and hunting beat that and good friends
  6. Someone takes drugs that's there business. Do you even go hunting terrriers Peter ?
  7. Then why should I explain anything to you , I been around long enough and met a few and worked out [BANNED TEXT] you about
  8. Why don't you tell us why you not capable of working the best of dogs , sure you wasn't on drugs yourself or you just a total moron
  9. [BANNED TEXT] drugs are they ?; Smart Alec . You'd need drug's to believe you. Big man yourself calling someone a junkie . Big liar too . Suppose liars entertain each other and try feed on people. The is probably better junkies out there than you
  10. Your a spy and a liar. Strange how noone ever said that I bolted away from kids on earths when I lived there but a piece of dirt as yourself comes out with it. Don't get all great in your self,. I've got better mates there who nothing like the piece of filth you are.
  11. Says the guy who never worked a terrier but wants to know everyones business. Another dreamer
  12. Whatever you say dogmandirt, your great at telling porkies, you should become a police officer or a magistrate
  13. Watch your head doesn't swell up too much hey or are you getting emotional, . And how'd you know that I never had dogs like them or can have them . Oh well takes alsorts to make a world I suppose
  14. Whatever you say , dogmandirt. Why did you give them away ?; Too much for you was the . You should stay off the smartie tablets the doing you no good,not that there's much good in you anyway
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