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  1. Can you get me a pic am looking for one
  2. Sambo-H

    Stud Dog

    Cheers Ye your lad sed so thanks a lot
  3. Sambo-H

    Stud Dog

    Wanting to line a bitch I have patterdale had one lined up fell through for wat ever reason looking for dog about twelve inches good jacket must be sensible and above anything stay cheers pictures please or send me them in pm. All the best people
  4. Sambo-H


    Badsworth hunt kennel open 19 July judging starts at 1 o'clock
  5. Sambo-H

    My Two Pups 6 Month Old

    He a big dog like my bitch 23
  6. Sambo-H

    My Two Pups 6 Month Old

    5/8 bull 3/8 grey to grey bull that's the bitch sire is 5/8grey to 3/8bul two second generation half cross
  7. Sambo-H

    My Two Pups 6 Month Old

    Al try get some with out chain
  8. Sambo-H

    My Two Pups 6 Month Old

    they have full run of yard all day long only to get a photo pal
  9. Black dog thorn blue brindle bitch 6 month old bred out my bitch also owned her sire of her
  10. If someone can be greatful
  11. Please come great family day out
  12. Please come great family day out
  13. Sambo-H

    Lactating Bitch

    Hi all after abit of help got a bitch with milk pups 6 week old she will not go in with them any more but still got milk they are all eatin raw meat biscuit really well 5 times a day any way to dry milk up cheers all sambo