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  1. There all ready back tracking on the fines saying they are reviewing the situation, very little common sense in the police force.
  2. At the end of the day we are in lockdown to bring numbers down,if people can't see everyone being treated the same it's not going to be long until no one respect's the lockdown.gamekeepers being made redundant and shoots closing when they were run at very low risk and having to watch footballers mauling each other like there's no pandemic must be sickening.
  3. I've got a funny feeling that numbers going to be seen on the back of doors in public toilets all over the country.
  4. Lurchers some good advice there,did 4 year's with the council when I started in pest control,gives you good grounding in a wide range of treatments, it definitely show's you what shit houses people live in,and put me off take aways for life.good luck with your future Career.
  5. Probably the biggest mistake people make when taking on pest control jobs is under estimating the cost,and can't do the job, getting loads of franchised pest control jobs at the moment where what they have quoted for a years contract is not even going to cover the first treatment, last thing you want is reputation of not doing good job.
  6. Only just got mine well impressed, never had a rifle this quiet thought there was something wrong with it,deadly accurate going to make great rat gun.
  7. Posters are not just about lurchers seen quite a few showing quads with boxes on saying ring police on 101 if you see any,I bet the police love a call has they have nothing better to do, they give the impression they are police posters but I don't think so.
  8. These posters are being put up all over the place must have seen about 20 this week over quite a large area.
  9. You can see it happening at the moment with narrow boats electric and hybrid systems coming in, government should be investing in this industry and training youngsters to give them a future, whether we like it or not it's going to happen,
  10. Shame no one smashed his head in with a hammer.
  11. Cracking dogs doing what their bred for, treating foxes like the first class sporting animals they are I would rather see one good fox killed by dog than a hundred slaughtered with a rifle.
  12. Picked up one of these little rifles this week,I wanted something light to use on pest control jobs day time, after testing a few types of pellets through it seems to like air arms diablo, shoots nice only criticism is bolt action you have to really make sure you pull it fully back to load hope it will get a bit smoother after more use just wondering if anyone has had same problem.
  13. There could be hundreds of thousands who are not going to make their mortgage payments what's going to happen to them, this is going to show the negative effect of house prices being at unrealistic levels,most people in this country have very little money in savings to weather the storm, it's definitely going to get messy.
  14. Had same problem build quality is shit, you would have thought by now they could of come up with something better.
  15. Just to let anyone who new Charles he passed away at his home this morning, Charles was terrier man to Cheshire fox hounds for 26 seasons, the man was a credit to terrier work and a true gentleman, enjoyed all the days we spent digging rip old friend.
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