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  1. Pirate 9000

    Lurcher stud dogs

    You can't generalise on the age of a dog for breeding has some 2year olds will have seen more graft than say another man's 5 year old,what I want to see in a stud dog is bottom less pray drive good catch rate and a dog that keeps good condition when run week in week out through the season.
  2. Pirate 9000

    Defrosting Meat.summer Time.

    It's got to be safer in this weather to feed meat frozen than let it thaw completely sometimes the out side can be on the turn and middle still frozen.
  3. Pirate 9000

    Faults has a dog man.

    Could not agree more with foxpack the amount of dog lads who pride themselves on feeding there dogs on the cheepist shit dog meal and then go on to tell you what great dogmen they are and how dogs are the most important thing in their life.
  4. Pirate 9000

    First corn cut today

    Shame grounds as hard as concrete great to see stuble again.
  5. Pirate 9000


    If you want to be really bad swap the foxes for squid it's evil.
  6. Pirate 9000


    Not looking good for this year done first two nests yesterday, must be very hard on the lads out there that try and make a living during the summer out of wasps.
  7. Pirate 9000

    Lurchers hips

    The vet who diagnosed it said he had never seen it before in a lurcher, just my luck, I did wonder if it could of been poor diet of bitch or pups by breeder rather than hereditary.
  8. Pirate 9000

    Lurchers hips

    Had a deerhound greyhound in the 80s that had hip displasier it was most noticeable when she ran,3 out of the litter of 8 it showed up in by 6 months and ended the running carreers of most of the others by 3 years old.
  9. Pirate 9000

    MORE BAD NEWS......

    Morton you've just it the nail on the head we can't govern ourselves, and has long as cnts believe it's an acceptable part of terrier work to batter a badger cub to death with a spade what future have we got, I wish I had the answer may be discussion like this someone might come up with something that would stop future programs like this being made, fcuk I've got it common sense and respect for what you're digging jobs a good one.
  10. Pirate 9000

    MORE BAD NEWS......

    I don't think any terrier men are sitting at home wishing for a licencing system but if it was the difference between loosing the right to work our dogs or not I no which one I would vote for, what would the coursing lads do if you gave them the choice now,we all have driving licence's if you don't drive to a safe and acceptable standard you loose it.
  11. Pirate 9000

    MORE BAD NEWS......

    With out some sort of licencing, I would say our days are numbered, change of government and its all over sad to say but I'm afraid weather we like it or not a reality.
  12. Pirate 9000

    MORE BAD NEWS......

    It's bad news for lads down your way but this program will have an effect on every terrier man, land owner s think we are all the same after watching it,no one should make excuses for these dick heads.
  13. Pirate 9000

    Julian barnfield grass

    Peter do you really think the lads concerned would want their names put out on a open forum, kick your self up the arse man.
  14. Pirate 9000

    Julian barnfield grass

    I remember the London marches labour conferences, writing to MPs paying subs to the country side alliance all sticking together, and at no point did terrier men expect to be stabbed in the back by this vile smurking low life, only good thing is most members of his hunt dislike him has much has we do,
  15. Pirate 9000

    Julian barnfield grass

    If you new who he was talking to you would understand why the thread was posted.