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  1. Pirate 9000

    Let’s see your bull x pups

    Daniel could not agree more a dog trained with respect and kindness will be 100% better dog and a pleasure to take out and when you have put that time in to the dog you are not going to part with it.
  2. Pirate 9000

    Let’s see your bull x pups

    It's a measure of s dog man,can't break a dog to stock best take up another hobby, I've heard all the excuses going you can't take this dog out near sheep I've tried everything, more like I could not be bothered to teach the dog basic training.
  3. Pirate 9000

    Let’s see your bull x pups

    Can never understand people who don't bother getting young stock around farm animals saves a lot of hassle down the road, less upset to the dog has well.gives lurchers a bad reputation when dangerous with stock.
  4. New kid if the dog done 10 seasons and your happy with your bitch get it mated,keep only the pups you need, 10 years is good age for working dog,I've never kept a dog wants it's working life is over got nothing against lads who's workers has well has pets just for me kennel space is for worker's only.
  5. The benefit in giving pups to trusted people is you can keep your line if you loose the pups you keep for your self.the harsh truth with lads moaning about shit lurchers is how many are fed on doctor johns dog shit ,not exercised run 5 nights aweek with no prep.their is far more bad dog men than dogs,you can have failures in all working dogs but for fcuk sake give a working dog a Fair crack at making the grade.
  6. Breeding a litter is not something I would do unless I need a replacement for my own kennels, if you wait until a bitch is 8 or 9 before you have a litter and then another 8 or 9 years before your happy with pup's in which case one litter out of top class bitch you could not keep a good kennel going like that. I had a mate who had a cracking working bitch did 5 seasons hard craft got killed in freak accident, never had a litter always going to breed from her next time, line lost,wishes he had a litter now.
  7. Pirate 9000

    Few pics

    Cracking pictures, hope to make a start next week weather permitting, wish you a good season.
  8. Pirate 9000

    school dinners,fond memories

    Liver and bacon casserole brings back great memories followed by Manchester tart,young lads who hunt with me now would not touch food like that, but I wouldn't eat the shit that they think is food.
  9. Pirate 9000

    Spare wheel

    Traveling to Wales one morning in mates vehicle, 6 working terriers on board got puncture got spare out flat has pancake walked mile to garage got 2 cans tyre weld but would not seal hole in tyre,luckily old farmer came along gave me a lift 20 miles to his sons garage to fit new tyre,turned out well in end new permission, always Carey out proper vehicle check now before going out.
  10. Pirate 9000

    BBC 1

    Good program makes a change for BBC to show fieldsports in a good light, found out with my own son if there hearts not in the job you can't change them just got to be happy for them what ever they decide to do.
  11. Pirate 9000

    Spare wheel

    Went with my missus to buy new car she wanted a Mazda MX 5 £24000 pound and comes with no spare wheel, I said what do you do if you get puncture for the first 3 years you can ring Mazda who will come and fix after that your problem, told him what he could do with is car.
  12. Pirate 9000

    Pups first day out

    There is one thing for sure pups learn nothing sitting in a kennels all day, just taking them along for the experience is priceless, I would never let young pup run rabbits, but watching listening taking in what's going on all good foundation for a future worker.
  13. Pirate 9000

    Rabbit decline

    We have had 3 poor years for rabbits but this year they have returned in good number's, I think from now on we will value them alot more for the great sport they provide for the lurchers.
  14. Pirate 9000

    Hounds singing

    You never get tired of hearing them, it's just a shame my neighbours don't enjoy it has much has I do,haven't been out yet mine can sence it will not be long now has they let me know most morning's.
  15. Pirate 9000

    Yet more Sex offences - by whom?

    I would personally rather eat dog shit out of my kennels and put money in their pockets,the only time I set foot in their business,is when asked to work for them and I have a special rate which is the best way to hit them in the pocket and I pride myself on taking them to the cleaners.