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  1. I would not need the authorities to take care of anything that concerned me that's for sure.
  2. I personally only put Grassers marginally above peadophiles, the lowest of the low, not to be tolerated in any circumstances.
  3. There could be hundreds of thousands who are not going to make their mortgage payments what's going to happen to them, this is going to show the negative effect of house prices being at unrealistic levels,most people in this country have very little money in savings to weather the storm, it's definitely going to get messy.
  4. Had same problem build quality is shit, you would have thought by now they could of come up with something better.
  5. Just to let anyone who new Charles he passed away at his home this morning, Charles was terrier man to Cheshire fox hounds for 26 seasons, the man was a credit to terrier work and a true gentleman, enjoyed all the days we spent digging rip old friend.
  6. I wonder how long before plod are shooting about with these 5 years max
  7. Credit due the cattle are in excellent condition.
  8. They seem to have no fear of dogs what so ever,went to take one of my lurchers out the other night and tripped over large hedgehog nearly broke my bloody neck, can't help but like them though.
  9. There dogs deserved better,if lucky will get rehomed ,worse scenario will get destroyed,all for look at me fcucking clowns.
  10. Just because someone is rich enough to own large areas of land does that give them the right to destroy all the wildlife living on that land to make even more money than they can ever spend, when I'm paying thousands of pounds ayear in taxes and a percentage goes in grants and subsadees I would say I should have a say,if they want to do has they wish with the wildlife then don't expect us to pay towards it.
  11. I've heard keepers telling me that thermal let's you get the lamp shy ones,but is it the end of the world that odd foxes have been clever enough to have learned how to survive, they should be admired for being survivers, country side will be a poorer place with no foxes.
  12. Dirty filthy cnuts hope the lad gets is dogs back and they get the punishment they deserve.
  13. Treating foxes has sporting animals has been forgotten, that's why it's called hunting and not killing.what pleasure anyone can get out of shooting a fox or rabbit that can't see you is beyond me,shot and left on the field like a piece of rubbish, show's very little respect for the wildlife, foxes and rabbits need sensible control not being wiped out.
  14. Top bloke Jim if only he was in charge of the country he would give it the kick up the arse it needs.
  15. Old lady gave me half a dozen, could not believe the power in the spring, never used them definitely bring water to your eyes if you got your fingers in them.
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