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  1. Pirate 9000

    Myxomatosis already ?

    It shows our governments up for what they are shower of cnts they can pay scientists to develop one of the most cruel ways of controlling a pest species,tell us that old Brock needs protecting and then waste millions of tax payers money killing them.
  2. Pirate 9000

    Myxomatosis already ?

    I hope the cnut who developed these diseases died a slow painful death and all his offspring.
  3. Pirate 9000

    Free raw food.

    It's probably not being used for dog food at that money, the blacks like to eat it they soak it in salt and water for a week and then make into a stew,I used to fetch it from local abattoir but they pushed price up to a tenner each, don't think I would want to eat at their house.
  4. Pirate 9000

    Free raw food.

    Beef tripes are £4 each at the moment lamb tripes are 20 pence each,lot of lads don't like lamb has it doesn't keep weight on dogs in the winter.
  5. 3 months for starving a child, Jesus Christ you get 6 months for killing a badger strange times we live in.
  6. Pirate 9000


    Had lady today call me out for wasp nest got there bumble bees told lady she told me she has lived in the country side for over 50 years and they are definitely wasps ,I advised her on a trip to speck safers,she did not seem to appreciate my advice..
  7. Pirate 9000

    Dog micro chips

    You definitely can't trust lads with dogs gave Stafford bitch to lad for his son who had got is pet run over on road,on condition if his situation changed for any reason dog was to come back to me got phone call 12 months later she was in puppy farm, the cnut knows who he is and I haven't forgot has he will find out when we cross paths you can't hide for ever.
  8. Pirate 9000

    Pups and pricing

    There was a article in the sun on Sunday inland revenue has set up unit to recover tax from puppy breeders collected over £5000000 pound so far, trouble with internet makes it easy for them to catch.
  9. Pirate 9000

    Snare pegs

    Got 600 ash snare pegs if any good to any one free, Shropshire
  10. Pirate 9000

    packham ,,good morning briton

    The prick is thriving on the publicity,he doesn't give a shit about wildlife, all he cares about is feeding is ego.a crow don't care whether the person shooting at him is doing it for sport or doing it to protect his living.
  11. Pirate 9000

    pigeon shooting

    Is it possible for this country to slip any further down the shit hole,I can remember a chap saying to my grandfather fox hunting would be band one day and he said god you talk some rubbish,thank god he is hunting in heaven , can't wait to join him.
  12. Pirate 9000

    50 pence in the back of the telly

    Cracker Jack.
  13. Pirate 9000

    Changes to the general license

    It's not about bowing down or not fighting for what we believe in ,it's not giving them pictures to use against us . it's just afact like or not the majority of people can not except the killing of anything for sport, what they don't see don't hurt them.
  14. Pirate 9000

    Sunderland lamper jailed.

    How many more are going to convict themselves by posting stupid pictures on the net shit for brains, working dogs deserve better from working dog lads.
  15. Pirate 9000

    Changes to the general license

    Some common sense being posted, the problem is that we live in a age where everyone has to share their whole lives on the internet how long before the piles of foxes rabbits get used by animal rights gets used to restrict other forms of shooting not long.