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  1. Pirate 9000


    I would not advice any working dog man to let RSPCA scum on to their property if you give them a inch they will take a mile,at the end of the day there a so called animal charity ,no right to investigate any gob shite grass complaints that is the job of the police,if police turn up with warrant read it if it does not state RSPCA to be on your property don't let them.they relie on people thinking they have same powers has the police that's why they dress like them.
  2. Pirate 9000

    Killing a tree

    Drill hole into it and fill with round up neat.
  3. Pirate 9000


    Let's hope they stand by their statement and kick UK out.old Corbin will be crying into his cornflakes.
  4. Pirate 9000


    Boris is going to threaten to paralyse the EU if they give extension,I wonder if labour will vote for election on Monday.
  5. Pirate 9000


    If Boris is made to ask for extension,all the other countries have to agree including Britain I wonder if he could veto at that stage,I would love to see the smile wiped off steptoes face smug cnut.
  6. Pirate 9000


    Totally agree with what you are saying but in some of the northern leave labour seats he will need to do a deal with the brexit party not to stand a conservative candidate in these seats because labour voters will never vote Tory but will vote for brexit party,if there is a hung parliament better to unite to defeat labour.
  7. Pirate 9000


    Boris has said he will not ask the EU for a extension he would rather be found dead in a ditch.
  8. I would ask local farmers if anyone has jungle buster, would give you a easier start regarding fencing.i would fence it in small paddocks to start with otherwise you will find it over whelming.good luck look forward to hearing how you get on.
  9. Pirate 9000


    My bet is he heard labour might get in if there is a election and was trying to leave Britain, desperate times call for desperate measures.
  10. Pirate 9000

    exercise time

    Always enjoy walking hounds out, season on hits way had 4 mornings out to keep game keepers happy worth the effort to get hunting on the estates when game shooting finishes.
  11. Pirate 9000

    Plr 500

    I've had the lamp for over 12 months charging it couple of times a week never any problems until this morning.
  12. Pirate 9000

    Plr 500

    A word of warning with these lamps never put them on charge when you're not at home, put mine on charge this morning 7.30 went outside to cut some fire wood came in 11.30 smoke coming out of lamp red hot few more minutes would of burst into flames, never would I buy another one should of been recalled before they cause house fire and loss of life.
  13. Pirate 9000

    Dogs and chocolate

    Will depend on the weight of the dog compared to amount of chocolate eaten, has been said make dog sick, a
  14. Pirate 9000

    Myxomatosis already ?

    It shows our governments up for what they are shower of cnts they can pay scientists to develop one of the most cruel ways of controlling a pest species,tell us that old Brock needs protecting and then waste millions of tax payers money killing them.
  15. Pirate 9000

    Myxomatosis already ?

    I hope the cnut who developed these diseases died a slow painful death and all his offspring.