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  1. Just been to collect some groceries for elderly neighbor and on wall outside shop 8 lads drinking cans messing about, copper drove passed said nothing.
  2. May be a reaction to red mite in the chicken shit.
  3. Special one, special fcucking idiot what part of the advice we are all being given does this prick not understand.
  4. Greed has got the better of most farmers, where there father's would have been happy with 200 cows they want a thousand and milk them 3 times aday, keeping them in 12 months of the year covering the fields in-between silage cuts with thousands of gallons of slurry and then feeding the cows the grass and can't understand why they keep getting out breaks of TB most aren't fit to keep livestock.
  5. Not a nice way to die 3 days, but on the positive side I bet he didn't have worms.
  6. I would speculate the deaths in China are in the 100 of thousands not what they have led the world to believe, will the true figure ever come out I don't think so, there economy is far too important.
  7. Great gun only use 31/2 inch cartridges through mine ,best fox gun ever had.
  8. Cracking pup,built to last
  9. Fcuk discustin hope when this is over government tax the shit out of them,piss taking players could pay the wages of the staff out of their wages.
  10. 569 dead in UK, Spain's been in lockdown from the 14 march 950 dead today nearly 1 million increase in people claiming universal credit, I wonder what the state of the country is going to be in when this is over.
  11. 563 people have died today of Corona virus today,this is running away were are fast going down the same road as Italy.
  12. Police came out to me last night when carrying out pest control on chicken farm and asked if I was full time pest control contractor,even checked all my paperwork to confirm.
  13. The price you can get off 1 env compared to killgerm is a major reason for using them but service is also first class.
  14. Insulated and lined with plastic definitely worth the effort in the long run makes it easier to keep clean and hygiene to a higher level, money well spent in the long run.
  15. Order's been completed today just 2 days late,I was looking forward to first Saturday off for months now got to go back to finish job off with missing items never mind everyone can make a mistake.
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