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  1. Pirate 9000

    France passes hunting law

    The big difference between Britain and France is France is proud of its rural past times and excepts different ways of life our governments bend over backwards to the wims of anti this anti that it only stands up for minority groups if there politically correct.
  2. Pirate 9000

    France passes hunting law

    The senate In France has passed a new law any one disrupting any hunt can be given 12 months in prison and £30000 euro fine,shame we have to put up with the shower of shit that run this country.
  3. You only get out what you put in the dog game, dogs need routine regular work exercise, leaving daily kennel work to others if you have to work away never works out.has already said depends how important dogs are to you,if weather is right or days hunting arranged work can be put off just the way I've always been, wouldn't have it any other way.
  4. Pirate 9000


    Jonjon let's hope if they take enough seats of labour and Tories it might make the MPs in leave seats vote what their constituents voted for, when only a handful of labour MPs have voted to leave it's a disgrace.
  5. Pirate 9000


    We should have another referendum leave with her deal or leave with no deal let them try and squirm out of that one regards paying them they aren't worth the dole money self serving paracite s
  6. Pirate 9000


    Extension to 31 Oct if deal is agreed by may 22,,how the plot thickens EU trying the suttle aprouch to get second refarendam,I would much prefer election when treacherous little weasels like Yvette cooper get kicked out and follow her husband on the d list celeb circuit before life time on the dole.
  7. Pirate 9000


    Conservative and labour have for to long taken for granted that we will vote for them what ever bullshit they hand out to us, talking to local people who can't believe the stunt they have pulled over brexit have said they will never vote for either party again,my answer is if we don't vote for the smaller party's nothing will ever change.and all the MPs who voted against their constituents end up on the dole where they belong.
  8. Pirate 9000

    Mole season over

    Haven't been asked to hang them on a fence for 10 years at least, common site around me at one time.never minded moles when we had stryc but trapping gets me down, hope you have good season next year,and fingers crossed moles in my area disappear.
  9. Pirate 9000

    Anyone work just two hounds?

    My hound's in all fairness are not too bad until they hear quad fire up and then the little pigs sound like there in full cry.
  10. Pirate 9000

    Anyone work just two hounds?

    There is no problem keeping 2 hounds, mine have a pen 12 ft by 6 ft only problem with hounds is they can be on the noisey side so neighbors should be a consideration.also depends on ground your working if you're not going to be tackling large forestry blocks 2 hounds will push them out of most places.
  11. Pirate 9000

    Price of pheasant poults

    There is a saying you get what you pay for,if you have received good quality poults of him and reliable service might be worth extra few quid.
  12. Pirate 9000

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Over the years more damage has been done to terrier work by idiot's in the game than the animal rights.
  13. Pirate 9000

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Shit daniel you can't knock your dedication driving all but 250 miles for a dig ,I relice how lucky I have got it, hope you have had good season.
  14. Pirate 9000

    Can am quads

    What I've seen of can ams I would say totally over rated better bikes out there for the money better sticking to Suzuki or honda proven over along time.
  15. Fcuk the split up with Mrs living back with my old girl, will not let me keep any of my top working dogs,breaks my heart to have to part with them. the truth of the advert should be I'm a dog peddler who would not no a working dog if they fell over one and thinks every one is has stupid has them.