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  1. Turned it off and watched Wigan saint Helens
  2. Nice looking dog you have all the best for the coming season
  3. Nice looking dog you have all the best for the coming season
  4. Is the laser still for sale is it a green beam
  5. She is a traiter to this country and labour as not got a clue wat is going on piss on them..... b*****ds
  6. Caught out again, thanks for that mackem. she is a black ugly creature , with racists view's , be great when Labour loose , and they get new mp's and a new leader hopefully she wont be involved with the new lot
  7. catflap

    John Terry

    Although im sure theres some good chaps up there,people embarrassing themselves rolling over like whipped dogs is just how they roll in that part of the world in my experience. The whole John Terry thing was all a bit too Hollywood for me i cant be doing with all that emotional nonsense......but that doesnt mean he hasnt been probably Englands best centre half since Bobby Moore.......and born in virtually the same road as the great man as well !
  8. catflap


    Istanbul come back wat a night almost left at half time but I stayed and as thay say the rest is history
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