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  1. my old man said a ide if it is it’s a pb
  2. At Beal on aire chub or ide u decide
  3. All legs and tounge blowing after a hours bashing cover can’t wait for cover to die off a bit
  4. I know a couple of spots that have some nice ones hidden away
  5. Yeah just lobworm and small feeders with groundbait I think u limited to fish u will catch on certain rivers if u use pellets or meat at least u get plenty of bites on the worm
  6. After barbel couple chublets and these 2 in 2 casts hopefully get a run soon
  7. Gone upstream ullerskelf for a change work my way back
  8. He’s very expensive him best looking for something second hand
  9. All wild as far as I know Leeds don’t stock any predator fish
  10. One my pal got a good few months back
  11. My old man had 18 pounds of perch on a match there with 5/6 over 2 pounds few months ago
  12. These r just while fishing on big lobworm with small feeders looking for barbel get plenty chub as well
  13. It’s a Leeds year book stretch but pretty sure u can get a day ticket online I’ll find out
  14. Swim further upstream on Leeds stretch ullerskelf than last night saw a few nice fish topping up here as dropping dark thought why not it’s the weekend
  15. Had a few decent ones from ullerskelf on wharfe no scales so no weights
  16. Needs a good few days rain to make a difference had couple of showers over last few days that’s it no barbel out last night but lost one plenty of fish riseing last hour before dark but got a fish a chuck
  17. Had a walk with baby and dogs on some rough ground next to yard to warm for them
  18. My pals just set up on Trent for weekend gonna drive down tomorrow for day one lad dropped out so there’s a peg empy
  19. Pup about 5 1/2 months had a hold of couple rabbits it’s mums had in cover promising signs so far from her showing plenty of interest she will follow its mum anywhere in cover
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