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  1. Greyhound bitch came back after a hard run with a dry cough and now when she is on exercise keeps doing same dry cough any clue what it could be lads? Cheers
  2. Ones better than none mate
  3. I would take jigsaw offer if I was you they well bred and more or less built for what you want
  4. Strange isnt it mate must happen often too wonder why
  5. Have seen a trio of adult foxes in one of our fields regular maybe got a threesome going on
  6. try up they exercise to make them tired I find work or hard exercise plus feeding them a good meal at night right before I go bed plus a bone keeps all mine quite and if not more than likely something getting in ya yard mate
  7. It seems rather pointless cose the people they are supposedly trying to discourage owning dogs will still own dogs but just in there own back garden. It's a load of shite I have 8 dogs so they wanna tax me 800 quid for them per year sounds unreasonable to me
  8. The best bushing dog I've owned was a terrier I bred accident mating between a untested fell dog and a plummer bitch he would listen to every word you say could even shout him off a fresh scent scream his bollocks off when he saw what's in front of him sound with ferrets always In right place right time caught many many bolters bolted many a fox underground but got rid of him cose he walked after a hour one day I rehomed him and I still kick myself every day for it.
  9. Obviously what you do with your dogs is none of my business but 3 years Is a bitch of a stretch in my opinion adding bull blood should make them easier to start and not need f***ing about with for 3 years
  10. Gutted for ya mate what happend
  11. Sounds like a good breeding plan mate but get saving if you want to breed off a greyhound that's a fiery type bought 3 before I got the fawn bitch I have now
  12. Do you have a reverse 5/8 then mate? I do game bitch so far but only young
  13. Bitch I had was a jacker heard a couple made decent dogs tho
  14. Had the litter sister to it they were from a 3/8bull grey to a pure grey bitch
  15. Some hours go into having a dog in that condition, fair play to you
  16. Cheers mate and yes bred by brenner I think his name is on here
  17. Red bitch is game had them on her own brindle bitch hasn't had any on her own yet and isn't the type to keep taking stick she would quit on her own I'd bet but we shall see only young yet atb
  18. Fawn bitch is 3 ex courser cant run anymore brindle bitch is 17 months ran a little bit so far and not had a injury yet
  19. Brindle bitch too hesitant on fox she at a friend's yard going to give her a few months to see if she wises up, got a red coursing bred bitch much more fiery but retired through injury had couple checking snares with her tho
  20. Any pics of the pup your keeping jigsaw ?
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