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  1. I has to split it. Fame terrierman into fame and terrierman Fame is for me someone who is well known (for some i realy dont know why they are and noone can explane me why up to now) The other is terrierman. You can not call yourself a terrierman if you do that then you are not! Other people make you a terrierman! Because of your style you see and handle things about terrier and terrierwork. -Will you step up if a terrier or a other dog owner is in need! -will you help guys out with terrier, diggingtools, locator, and, and...! -or will you help guys with ideas or your know how! -how you treat/handle your own and other peoples dogs! -how you treat the quarry! -and -and -and Hope you understand what i want to say!
  2. A try to keep the forum alife with digging out old posts???
  3. Take a ferret to your place. So you can teach the pup realy good/everyday to each other.
  4. To S.e.s.k.u agree100% And dont forget many guys are kicked out of this forum because of posting stuff other dont liked.
  5. Good looking. Best wishes with them
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/24114464
  7. good looking terrier! good luck for the future.
  8. Hey ladys This is a "future worker" treat and we agreed to keep it alife in memory of "DIGGER"! So if you need to compare your dicks please open an other treat.
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