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  1. Rusky1984


    My ped whippet is only 18.5tts and she has no problems taking rabbits on the lamp or during the day when out with the ferrets
  2. From Mike brown lines mate
  3. Worker to worker both dam and sire are kc registered and so are the pups
  4. This is the pup I am keeping for myself she will be six weeks old on sunday
  5. Rusky1984

    Dog being aggressive

    My whippet bitch is 4 and for some reason she wants to fight every German shepherd she see she is spot on with all other breeds and she has never been attacked by another dog
  6. The pup with the white tip on her tail is the most active she bullies the other three and the smallest pup is only now the same weight as what the other three where when they were born so am going to keep them both back to see what the smallest pup is like by 8 weeks
  7. Would love to keep them all mate there's two that I really like there's one with a white tip on her tail and white toes she is the biggest pup or the smallest pup that I have been feeding by hand because the other three just pushed her out the way very time she tried to feed
  8. My bitches first and only litter 4 weeks old today can't make my mind up on which one to keep back for myself there all bitches
  9. Rusky1984

    Beddy Grey x Deer Grey

    She should have them taken off her that no way to treat dogs what a scum bag
  10. Rusky1984

    New pup

    Little belter him mate
  11. Rusky1984

    Mike Brown

    She is a fine looking bitch bobza av not seen her run but only hear good things about her I have used one of her offspring to line my bitch he is a beast of a whippet 22tts and he loves the teeth to my bitch has only got a week to go cant wait to see what her pups are like am going to keep a dog out of the litter
  12. Rusky1984

    Mike Brown

    Sorry for your loss mate I have sent you a pm
  13. There is a good wright up on the Moonlake web site on whippet coursing hares back in the day mate