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  1. Rusky1984

    Working Whippets

    The stud dog i used is (shadow of the north) but for some reason it won't let me put a picture up my bitch is (hunterscliff swan song) there both on the whippet archive mate
  2. Rusky1984

    Working Whippets

    Nice bitch mate some good breeding gone in to her
  3. Rusky1984

    Working Whippets

    Alright mate I have just had my bitch lined she is 18.5 tts and 12.2kg she is a great little rabbit dog on the lamp the sire is 22tts both my bitch and sire are from Mike brown lines the picture is of my bitch
  4. Rusky1984

    Hunterscliff whippets

    Does anyone on here have a whippet from the hunterscliff kennels be good to see if any of my bitches siblings are worked
  5. I think to reintroduce rabbits to some areas is Good thing it might be the only way some places will ever recover
  6. It doesn't matter how far you go to get them over hunting will take its toll in time and once a virus hits that part of the country the numbers will crash as they have in other parts of the country
  7. Some people are just lucky to have a good head of rabbits to go at. But it will be the same for them once they have taken to many and there population crashes. I think in not to many years time the rabbit will be a thing of the past
  8. Rusky1984

    eating deer

    Welcome mate good luck with your hunting
  9. Rusky1984


    Welcome mate good luck with your hunting
  10. Rusky1984

    Good night for it

    Another good night for you mate I think all the rabbits in the country are on your permission's
  11. Rusky1984

    Out on New Permission Tonight

    I would travel the length of the country if if I had the land to travel to av had my car smashed up going to places that i did not have permission on i can't afford for that to happen again. So I just work the land I have it had good numbers of rabbits last season but there thin on the ground this season still plenty foxes,hare and deer about
  12. Rusky1984

    Out on New Permission Tonight

    I would be over the moon with 9 in the bag I have to walk miles for three or four rabbits a night good luck with the rest of the season mate
  13. Rusky1984


    My bitch runs better on soft wet ground and most rabbit races are over in 30 seconds
  14. Rusky1984

    Hi from Derbyshire

    Welcome mate good luck with your hunting
  15. Rusky1984

    Just joined

    I put them on with my phone