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  1. Good luck with that no one in their right mind is going to gift you a whippet. They are selling for £2000-£3000
  2. She has served you well over the years mate it's well deserved to retire in front of the fire
  3. First picture is the dam and the second is the pup I kept back mate
  4. The lad that owns him has put him over a few lurchers like I said he is a strong built whippet I would have no problem using him again
  5. Aye mate he is out of bobza bitch he is a solid built whippet standing 22.5tts I used him to line my bitch back in March and I am very pleased with the pup I kept back she has turned out just how I wanted her head strong as f**k she more like a terrier than a whippet
  6. Your pup sounds the same as mine was very head strong she more like a terrier than a whippet I have also had to be very firm with her or she just doesn't listen am taken her for her first trip out with the ferrets next week al do my best to get some pictures
  7. Hopefully Monday night will be a bit better weather for a shine it's the only night I can get out next week me other bitch had a nice big rabbit for the pot so that saved the blank
  8. Nice one black neck hope your young dog is on the mend and running for you again soon I had my young pup out Tuesday night wasn't much about no squatter to walk up on everything was sitting right on the hedges all get back out next week and try and find a squatter or two for her
  9. Al be breeding in five years time if me pup is good enough she is Mike brown lines on both sides
  10. A nice day out then mate am going to start me pup on the lamp tomorrow night hopefully she will do well
  11. Did you get many rabbits bolt from that set it looks massive
  12. These are my two whippets mother and daughter the pup is 8 mouth old now and is 18.5tts her recall and retrieve are coming along great am going to start her on the lamp at the end of the month
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