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  1. Rusky1984

    Season Starts At Midnight

    We will have to have a night out at the back end of the season so you can see my pup run she is shaping up nicely can't wait to give her a couple of races on the rabbits we might even get some road kill lol
  2. Av been training her on her own her retrieve is spot on with a ball straight back to hand everytime her recall can be a bit hit and miss sometimes but she is still very young she will be out on her own when I am going to let her have a couple of races
  3. Tip six weeks to all most six months she is about 18tts now al have her out with me this season and let her mother show her how it's done on the lamp then come December al let her have a couple of races on the rabbits then next season she will be worked hard
  4. No the ban will never be over turned but it doesn't have to stop you doing something you have always done just don't get caught
  5. It should do mate but in a open field the whippet will get more
  6. For a pure breed it probably is the best rabbit dog if you get a good one but the same goes for lurchers some are good rabbit dogs and some aren't. You pay for your dog and hope it's going to be a good one there's no way to know till you start to work it
  7. Rusky1984

    First post, new pup

    Aye mate I used shadow off the north
  8. Rusky1984

    First post, new pup

    My whippets are from the same lines they make great rabbit dogs with plenty of pray drive and stamina just take it slowly get her to fetch a ball in the garden back to you make fun for her with plenty of praise as already said break her to live stock and wait till she's about 8 months old before you start to show her some rabbits good luck with her mate these are my two mother and daughter the pup is 17 weeks now
  9. Rusky1984


    Wait till October the ground will be soft enough by then there's no point in running your dog in the summer it's feet will be fu#ked running on hard ground
  10. Rusky1984


    My ped whippet is only 18.5tts and she has no problems taking rabbits on the lamp or during the day when out with the ferrets
  11. From Mike brown lines mate
  12. Worker to worker both dam and sire are kc registered and so are the pups
  13. This is the pup I am keeping for myself she will be six weeks old on sunday