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  1. Couple of bunnies from last season
  2. Rusky1984

    Thanks for approving membership

    Nice dogs mate good luck for this coming season
  3. Rusky1984

    Lamping ferreting ect

    Will you have someone on your permission first or is your permission shit and that's why your asking
  4. Rusky1984

    Not doing much

    Foot and a half of snow in my part of Northumberland so al not be out
  5. Rusky1984

    Only one ???

    I'd hunt you with a hammer
  6. Rusky1984

    Only one ???

    The hare because I love watching them twist and turn on a penny and the fox a very close second
  7. Rusky1984

    First night nerves

    Welcome mate keep at it and you will soon be putting some rabbits in the bag good luck for rest of the season
  8. Rusky1984


    I would take her to the vet you can guess at what it might be a vet will tell you what it is
  9. Rusky1984

    Wee mooch in the sun

    I would love a terrier again but have no time for day time work with having a young family so it lamping or nout for me for the next 4 or 5 years till the little one is old enough to come out hunting with me
  10. Rusky1984

    Wee mooch in the sun

    Aye can't beat them for bushing and a bit of ground work it's always a sad day when you have to let them go
  11. Rusky1984

    Wee mooch in the sun

    Nice little team you have the terrier looks hard as nails like him or her a lot I had a lakeyxrussel about ten years ago he was bullet proof would go in on anything
  12. Rusky1984

    Knowing the right time

    I would take her when she can no longer get about on her own and is struggling to get to her food and water but you will know when the time is best to say goodbye to your old friend
  13. Rusky1984

    Lost dog

    Nice one pleased you have got him back safe and sound
  14. Cracking day that nice one
  15. Rusky1984

    Real un

    Al put him on the back of my whippet add some speed,stamina and a bit of hight but the pups might be a bit leggy