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  1. Anybody no if earthdogrunning mags are still going
  2. Looking for some information of people who are currently running dave platts stuff not interested in past dogs, heard the new generation ain't much cop but I wanna hear opinions from people running them currently. Thanks very much
  3. I think people using nite vision has changed the game to you can hit big numbers with nite vision and rabbits don’t even no your there it’s a massive shame used to have huge numbers and it look like they were making a come back this year but towards end of July just seemed to of vanished
  4. Well went for a shine tonight mainly to see what the numbers were like on my permission. Out for 3 hrs not the best conditions bit light and wet but all in all seen 2 rabbits and 2 Billy’s which I wouldn’t even entertain with my bitch. Used to be loads of rabbits around mid wales not anymore disheartening is the only thing I can say and hard to get your dog in shape and top of there game when you don’t see nothing. Anybody else seeing a huge decline in numbers around there permission
  5. Cheers everyone got one ordered keen to get it and get out for a mouch
  6. Hi all I’m after a new lamp looked at the clulite plr 509 just wondering if anyone is using this lamp and if they can recommend it! Thanks in advance
  7. Yeah find they very sensitive compared to other xs you gotta take a different approach with them
  8. She’s 15 months just turned so still learning but becoming a brilliant dog and a pleasure to own
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