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  1. Pups first rats

    Its not normal practice to lamp rats,but they are more active when it starts to get dark. If theres a spot you know where there is rats try it with the lamp. Even if you just see them going in and out of holes or under buildings or into bushes, they tend to give their location away then they can be hit with the dogs during the day. You sometimes get the bolder ones out in the open too, Iv known terriers to catch more rats at night just on a walk than during the day.
  2. Rabbit Curry

    That curry looks well nice. I Lke a rabbit korma or Mediterranean stew myself. Thats what it should be about, self sufficiency and having the craic while doing.
  3. Pups first rats

    Might be worth your while taking a trip out with a lamp on your spot as its getting dark, they tend to be more active then. Once people hear you have terriers and do a bit of ratting you will get more offers. Nice wee dogs them.

    They were blind because they had red eyes and wouldnt go down the hole their first time out. Admitting to assault and attempted cruelty of animals in a national newspaper, some people cant help shooting themselves in the foot, ffs lol.
  5. A bit of this & that

    I have the same problem with my wee lurcher, she dont eat them but whether its lamping or ferreting the first two always get crunched. I dont know if its just excitment but I always say shes making sure shes getting her share. First two are hers or the ferrets.
  6. A bit of this & that

    Iv a wee 11 month old Amstaff x staffy bitch thats comes ferreting sometimes. Shes a good solid marker and usefull for getting into the deeper holes once i dig down to them. None of the rabbits shes picked up yet have been marked and she hands them over live with no problem. Very soft mouthed on rabbits. Very usefull wee dog for my type of mooching as she listens to every word. My beddy whippet taught her a lot but hates her at the same time lol.
  7. A bit of this & that

    Good video Sir. Its nice to see the bull terriers working well with the whippet.
  8. Ferreting in beaches.

    Nearly all the land I ferret is dunes and sandy soil. Its easier to get permission on land like that as folk dont mind you hunting them here when the rabbits have the land destroyed with thousands of holes and the dog walkers are tripping over them. Seen a couple of people going down holes while ferreting and done it myself when the ground suddenly gives way under you. then your up to your bollocks with one leg down a hole. I use bigger faster type ferrets to keep the pressure on them so your no waiting all day for a rabbit to bolt thats running around in an under ground maze, also bigger ferrets id imagine could dig themselves out easier if they manage to get stuck in a stop end with a kill, you dont always get a mark on the ferret finder even on search as the burrows can go that deep. If Im using my jills Id expect at least 3 or 4 digs, 6ft digs are the norm. Iv never lost a ferret on dunes while ferreting but I know plenty who have even with a locator. As for dogs on dunes mine usually catch the rabbit at the burrow entrance, theres never any good runs as the rabbits are gone down the nearest hole so the dogs have to be pinching them as they stall at or just exit the burrow. My dog uses her nose more to tell where the rabbits going to exit because sometimes even on a good day you cant hear nothing for the wind coming off the atlantic. Its like being in a wind tunnel at times. I always get decent enough bags from the sandy spots.
  9. Braking a ferret to a terrier

    They might just be playing. I think the ferrets sense they can have more fun with my bulldog too. I often see them chewing on my wee bitches face and she takes it all in fun. The bulldog is all fun and carry on and they literally do be hanging off her face. My beddy whippet on the other hand would kill them if they even looked in her direction, or go near her kennel, or go near her food or water bowl. She works with them fine but has to be watched in the garden with them. She doesnt like any other animals touching her stuff.
  10. Giving kits a chance!

    The back end going on a ferret is never a good sign. Your lucky it did pull through because the majority of the time it can be a sign of something serious and they dont make it. They can take a variety of illnesses, conditions and flu's and when its serious the symptoms are nearly the same for them all. Back end going, rapid weight loss lethargy, where they struggle to walk. So it can be hard to tell what is actually wrong with a ferret when it literally deteriates in front of your eyes. Waste of money taking them to vets near me too. They dont give a shyte about ferrets. Its never easy to cull a animal that you have brought up from a kit, that you have spent time training and bonded to. I always give them a chance too but when their ribs start showing and they can barely get up or their walking in circles its time for me cull. Hope your ferret makes a full recovery.
  11. What are you feeding yours?

    They wont eat the shell. Break it into their bowls. Some of mine eat raw eggs and some dont but they wouldnt break them open by themselves.
  12. What are you feeding yours?

    Dog mince would be fine for them. I gave a lad a hob ferret kit this year and he feeds it on diced beef and lots of red meat. Its solid muscle and looks as if its been doing weights. The hobs nearly as broad as it is long. Just freeze it solid for a while before feeding it raw.
  13. What are you feeding yours?

    Thats normal as they will eat the lot with some fur and a bit of feather. I usually pull the guts out them first, just because it turns my stomach at the thought of them eating the bowels. Yuk. Doesnt bother them.
  14. Somebody dosen't like cats!

    Could be badgers, their known for taking the head off lambs and leaving the body.
  15. What are you feeding yours?

    At the moment their getting mackrel, pollock, chicken carcasses, eggs sometimes and the very odd bit off rabbit. Iv two that would rather eat dog nuts out the dogs bowl than anything else.