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  1. Fonzie


    This is a great topic Moorman and it’s lovely to see how versatile a goss is I’m still flying my M Harris but toying with getting a gos preferably a male maybe next season. Keep the pictures coming she’s having a good season well done
  2. Fonzie


    Well done more man love the pictures that goss is a machine you are serving her well. Will you try her on feather or keep her at bunnies for the season and big bunnies
  3. Hi Samir I have had both is you male taken fur and feather. I had a female hawk for a year with my male I coundnt let my male fly with the female as he was nailing her so as morman explained they can’t be trusted at hunting weight.id persisted flying hawks in a cast . But for me there so much more involved work and if you are flying a male that is afficent on every outing. I did find flying a female slightly different they hit with bad intentions and usually end wilth one stoop and will only follow in if the male is close so become very effective . When they catch it’s a mission to trad
  4. Hey bud, hope you dont mind me following you. It used to be the old friend request. Any craic with you ?. Just thought if I dont answer my phone message me here. 

  5. I have a proven male flys at around 1.8.3 kills on every outing that is 3 was just thinking of getting a female chick to fly in a cast. My male is rock steady with the ferrets so I was thinking of hunting him free and holding her on the glove. Can some people share there experiences with this. As I would think this would be there most natural way to hunt. My thoughts if she is a proven bird would be to breed in time. Regards Fonzie
  6. I'm flying a male Harris hawk and would love to know if there is any lads in my area flying a Harris that would like a good days hunting on my permission. I would love to see my bird flying in a cast. This will be my second season with this male that has taken mostly fur and feather. I'm in the north west of Ireland. I also have working ferrets. Pm if a days hunting is possible for the next season cheers!!
  7. Got a bird sorted thanks for your replies. And a special thanks to moorman top lad happy hunting with your new bird get a write up on her I'd say it will be a good thread well worth a read all the best!!
  8. Is the lads name John? Think I I could of been chatting to him on Tuesday if not pm me his number cheers!
  9. I live in Ireland and I am looking for breeder in Ireland im willing to travel anywere with in Ireland the bird must be parent reared from hunting stock! Please pm me. If any lads have any good honest harris breeders could you please send me phone numbers so I can make contact cheers!
  10. lamping with a terrier is good sport especially if its rough ground were the dog has abit of a chance.Had some great nights out with my terrier and the lads with the hounds any sitter id walk up with her an slip her its good the watch the wee terrier trying its best!Its a good way to keep a terrier fit.Good sport
  11. alright brender she's a little cracker in cover that black wee bitch would work all day.Ya gave her to a good lad kept well an out a lot huntin fair play to ya. The lads said ya were a sound man!
  12. . Wirral countryman I hear ya their I'm goin to have to tag along with some of the digging lads to find out what to look out for and what to avoid.I wouldn't like to lose her.I haven't had her out since without a collar an a shovel in the van.I hear what you're saying though cheers?I don't want her to go to ground and I would stay well away if their were sets about as I'm not into it only bushing for rabbits...Auxm that's it she's still very puppyish an the best of us have off days ha!!!
  13. Cheers day an night walker I hear ya their it can be very frustrating training terriers as you said they have to be in the mood to work I was out for a quick hunt with the lads the other day with their terriers bushing.My pat bitch was working f..k all while the boys dogs were bolting rabbits well.She was lucky she didn't have my boot mark on her arse ha! Just didn't want to work staying by my side.Thats huntin for ya thanks for replys lads!!!
  14. Nice one captain nice pics dogs lookin well bud!
  15. Voon your right when she's on rabbits workin bushes you can tell if theirs rabbits about she because she won't even enter them she will smell around them an move on but when she's on a sent its like a switch goes off in her head.its pretty much the same as ferreting when the ferrets are pricking around in warrens u know to move on.the only thing was I was to Believe that you have to train dogs to go to ground with older dogs or let them rag on dead quarry.this is just new ta me!one thing I have to say about the Plummer that I had is he was as cute as a fox only short of speaking to ya ha!
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