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  1. I just sold a ultra se without the bipod it's easy fitting srews into the swivels and you can fit a sling to it aswell.
  2. Could you get me a first cross bullcat I'd be happy with that you seem genuine enough the money is here waiting ? never had a range rover got a push bike though?
  3. Have you considered using Imodium
  4. This season hasn't been the best rabbit numbers have dropped in West wales over the last couple of years had some good night's out on the lamp and a few good days with the ferrets my mate had a young un few night ago so that's the end of ferreting for me now. How about you?
  5. Yes mate got two lurchers and two terriers
  6. I got dog that's about 18mths now he started playing up when catching would bring them back halway and then drop them and mess about after a few nights of catching nothing but having the runs he caught so left the lamp off and kept walking that worked for me.
  7. Haha nothing like a big of humour to break the ice is there brother black neck and brother shaaark ???
  8. I'll be looking for a good polecat ferret that will retrieve live to hand then how much will one of them cost me?
  9. A bell and a bottle of whiskey that sounds way too easy if it works I'll buy another special rabbit cage trap
  10. I might just sell the trap not getting much luck then when I get pocket money off my missus I'll buy myself a good lamping ferret. ?? does anyone know if the white ones are faster than the polecats??
  11. I'm already learning lots of great ideas since I joined this site everyone is so helpful.
  12. A call rabbit that's a great idea I'm just looking on how to do the special.rabbit catcher spell dance
  13. Does anyone know where I can get the book on how to do the special rabbit catchers spell dance its for my special rabbit cage trap??
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