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  1. Think there' a lad on the Swansea area, keeps few these. Goes by name of spice .
  2. New Midleton Lakeland Book

    What's difference to old 1 he wrote ? Frainy after few quid for crimbo is he ?
  3. Jp's Arthur

    Joe Smith Jack sired him I believe. Used be pics on here . Try old search. Sure Burnie 69 run the stuff for bit
  4. Show Us Your White Dog's

    Lovely sorts rebel. Nice handy size, a lot from over there seem too big for regular use over here . But you lads certainly keep the whites going over there.
  5. Any German Wirehaired Pointer Lurchers

    Dabhand you been smoking that spice again? You squeaky b*****d.
  6. Pelenna Valley

    Always a good turnout of working dogs.
  7. One For Next Season

    Shovel it !!!!
  8. Reeces Stan

    Stabba, was Bryn son Billy? We've ad stans breeding and montys on past posts. Which bitch threw best stuff out Billy? Obviously only your opinion what you rate best out Billy? Was there any bitches out Billy that were up there with the dogs for graft?
  9. Reeces Stan

    Was Bryn related to Billy?
  10. A Few More Heroes

    Thought next 1 would have been , need few quid for Christmas.
  11. Are they 3 quarter bull ? Or grey ?
  12. Looking For A Pup..

  13. Finley Bred Terriers

    Wilbur what we're the russels like at work? Heard for decent dog out this stuff.
  14. Bull Greyhounds

    I'd like to see these fox slaying little lurchers mate. Understand you can have game little ones but no way can they sustain it once out regularly on good foxed ground. Ask them do couple a day then out few times a week. Must be killing different foxes to ones around here.
  15. J Smiths Diesel

    The dog was in south Wales for good while. No idea on breeding probably best man to ask is Joe, mate had pup out his daughter around 10 years back and was one earliest I've seen to switch on to work, was hunting anything from practically the nest. Never seemed to be a pup.