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  1. andy26

    Working Dogs / House Dogs

    I kept my old bitch an her son in the house for the first 6 month an house trained them before putting them in the kennels an they have never pissed or shit in the kennels so I have to take them out 2/3 times a day but it's less mess in the kennels just wish I done it with the other 2
  2. andy26

    White lakey or not

    A bloke I no was at his kennels in the 80s an he said it was just a puppy farm at the highest level, his main interest was peddling an making money than work, so why is a bloke like that a big name in the terrier world?? Yes he might of turned out some decent worker's but the amount he was turning out there would of been more culls than than worker's,, every time I hear his or any other big name the first thing I think is peddler an wouldn't have anything to do with them.
  3. andy26

    White lakey or not

    A mate of mine an his digging partner have kept black, black an tan, chocolates, ect dogs (no whites) most of there digging lifes,,new the blood line's going way back but when they decided to have a litter there was a white pup, how it happened God only nos so they bred a white patterdale if you like, you no the men dilly you give him a pup last year ( j,s)
  4. andy26


    It's crazy how much it takes over your life an hardly nothing else matters, dogs an terrier work is constantly on my mind even through the summer months, when your ment to be relaxing before it all kicks off again, our lass was in Labour last Tuesday for 12 hours (what a f***ing nightmare that was) an half way though she said who are you texting? I said just a mate telling him what bitches are getting lined next summer , she just laughed an said am mental.atb
  5. andy26

    A couple of working Lakelands

    I was at a show a fews week ago an a mate was talking to a bloke he just met who had a boot full of lakies an said that the dog he owns is up for stud for 500?? So with a smile on our face we asked him why is it 500 for stud an his reply was because it's got middleton blood in him?? I felt like slapping him across the face, we didn' say anything else to the bloke an f****d off.
  6. andy26

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Yeah he is an one of the forwardest pups av ever seen he's fearless.
  7. andy26

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    It's in there somewere mate the red an white dog is his sire an the older bitch with the black patch on her eye is his grandmother atb
  8. andy26

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Frankies first walk out
  9. andy26


    I was out with some mates on the rubbish tips up Scotland afew weeks ago, I took afew terriers an even no they are quite good on the rats an been on them a few times there was some little border/lakeys an border/Russell's there an they were shit hot on them showed my dogs up to an extent but mine are earth dogs not ratters so horse's for courses, we had 300+ in about 3 half hours we had to keep bringing the dogs out of the buildings for a drink it was that hot.
  10. andy26

    Dogs not tieing

    The dogs tied the other 2 times he's been at bitches so think it's something to do with the bitch been not quite ready mate
  11. andy26

    Dogs not tieing

    Haha I no mate your not wrong there, the more you want something doing the harder it is to get it done that is life for ya.
  12. andy26

    Dogs not tieing

    Thanks for that mate but we've tried everything you've mentioned think our final straw is going to see someone who makes a living out of breeding an see what they think, very frustrating especially for the owner of the bitch as he's desperate to get her lined, I was talking to a lad whos bitch was still bleeding at 18 days an still got a line on her, there's a load of good info coming from all over about different bitches so a lot to take on board for future reference it's defiatly been a learning curve that's for sure, life's never always straight forward.