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  1. Hi The Durham an Northumberland working dog show will he held on 14th of May this year at the same location in blanchland.. Thanks
  2. My old pieps box got a hole in the cover last season an water got in so can't see the numbers when locating so if anyone has got a spare one for sale I'll have it? Thanks
  3. Thanks everyone Dogs back with its rightfull owner.
  4. Dog stolen yesterday in the South Durham area could people keep there ears to the ground please? Thanks
  5. Av used alberg for years you can't beat them the steeltoe caps ones
  6. ?? who stood on it again?, thought you got a new one? Or are you just wanting it fixed?
  7. andy26


    Aye that's what I have done mate put everything on a ledger wallet, I also bought some ETH, XRP, like I say am going to be in it for the long haul, so I have put the wallet away and trying to forget about it, maybe part of a retirement fund or something to give the kids, God nos,
  8. andy26


    Aye that's my plan, I made the mistake of looking into it every second of the day, I was constantly thinking about it, so I just try and see what price it is sitting at on a weekly basis now.
  9. andy26


    Yeah av bought into it, not to trade just to hold it for a few year see if I can make a profit off it.
  10. andy26


    What's people's thoughts about this cryptocurrency? Has anyone bought in to it? I have heard people saying that it's made people very rich. Atb
  11. The white dogs he used to work breed and sell before he started on the choc/blacks, just was talking to someone the other week who said they have a pup bred down off his white dogs,,just wondering if there's anyone else out there with them?
  12. Is there anyone out there who's got stuff bred down off goulds old white stuff?
  13. Highflyers, they go all over the country mate.
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