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  1. B plummer wasn't liked by Mr winch or other members of the committee of the D&NWTC, when plummer was starting his breed/line off, he went to MR and tryed to demand a line off one of his sealyhams to put into the plummer terrier, that didn't go down to well either, he got f****d off.
  2. That's what I could do with, a day out up the hills, get the lungs opened up abit.
  3. Do any of yous no of a bitch called Sadie bred by tony?
  4. Rip Jerry it was an honour to have met you. Sending thoughts to your loved ones
  5. The hole purpose for a terrier club is to rescue terriers but with the bellman there is noprobem locating a terrier so no rescue needed,, our club meet up once a year in a back of a little wmc an it's something I look forward to every year just for the crack even no most of us keep intouch through out the season anyway an to find out what's been said at the national meeting, there's normally about 20 odd of us turn up sometimes more but I no there is people just send there subs in without attending, so still not a bad little following for this day an age
  6. About time you got some new boxes ya tight git haha what you after getting like? Av just sold that 4 set what was on that quad I can try an get them back if there any good to you?
  7. Highflyers look them up in Google
  8. White dogs mate all sorts in there.
  9. Yeah same mine is out the kennels twice a day, but doesn't seem to matter how much exercise they get they still acting there selfs, it's normally mid August they start but they've started early this year, if it starts to cool down soon I might make a early start myself
  10. Does anyone else's dogs start been little twats around the kennels this time of year?? Mine's starting to howl in the night chewing the kennels to bits, an just general miss behaving, it's like they no the season is just around the corner
  11. If anyone is after a new quad for the season coming av just put a grizzy 550 with boxes on ebay starting bid 99p
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