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  1. andy26

    Durham an Northumberland

    Judging starts at one, yeah bring your workers if you want mate
  2. andy26

    Durham an Northumberland

    Yeah been to it a couple of times for a look out not a bad little show that
  3. andy26

    Durham an Northumberland

    Just drop down into the village an you'll see it mate
  4. andy26

    Durham an Northumberland

    What's the local one you go to mate?
  5. andy26

    Durham an Northumberland

    Aye this Sunday mate
  6. andy26

    Ratting, leyburn

    I used to do all my lamping down that way used to get some decent numbers, an ratting around pens, feeders ect it was canny crack, I was there last weekend with the family at forbidden corner,, love days out down the dales when the weather is nice you can't beat it
  7. The dog show will be held at blanchland on the 12th of May judging starts at 1pm
  8. andy26

    Last one..

    Av got a bitch coming up to 10 ad be happy to get a few more season's with her before she retires around the house that's the reason I asked mate
  9. andy26

    Last one..

    How old is the bitch mate if you don't mind me asking??
  10. andy26

    The gold cup

    That's one of the tips I got mate fingers crossed eh
  11. andy26

    The gold cup

    Is anyone having a bet on the gold cup tomorrow? Not a betting man one bit but got a couple of tips today so thought ad have a go,
  12. andy26

    Your favourite film as kid

    Used to love the lion the witch in the wardrobe when I was about 6
  13. andy26

    Middleton book

    that's exactly, he can't half tell a story, a character for sure
  14. andy26

    Middleton book

    He once told a story over a couple of pints that he put a dog in a spot that ran under a lake, so when ask what his next move was he answered, what do you f***ing think, I drained the lake out then dug to the dog
  15. andy26

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    4 Mother, daughter,son, grandson