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  1. what Crry on

    its a strange old world. bunch of kunts
  2. Steve Irwin

    he certainly did have some enthusiasm. i enjoyed his programmes thought the man was good at his job. it just goes to show dont matter how experienced you are in life a freak incedent can change it or in his case end it
  3. thats the one by me mate willow game
  4. Alsation X Greyhound

    its not just collie in a dog that can make them pick runs, ive seen it in some dogs that have a hard and busy working life although collie blood does have a tendency to cause it at times without heavy work loads.
  5. wow that is pricey. theres a big game dealer close to me and rumor has it that the shoots have to pay him £3000 each for him to take all there birds this season, then 25p a bird there after. which he plucks and dresses then sends abroad by all accounts. for some reason he keeps going bust for some reason. so this year is why there is a charge for him to take birds from shoots. rumor also has it that he takes birds from a 100 shoots. thats why all the other game dealers/butchers are taking them for free round here.
  6. thats the thing. if a shoot has to start putting birds in a hole in the ground then the jobs just about f****d imo. theres ove a 100,000 birds put down here on 2 shoots alone and there are many other smaller shoots in the area also. thats alot of birds to find homes for once they are shot. i am fully aware that there is only a small percentage actually shot but even so with the smaller shoots killing a few thousand each it soon adds up. 2300 at roughly £40 ahead inc vat is alot of wonga.
  7. other section gone ?

    thats the one. i aint the brightest when it comes to computers.
  8. other section gone ?

    walshie do you know if ian has done away with the other subforum or is it just teething problems with the new set up. bird put a post up of 43 rabbits we had a couple of weeks ago and i cant find it. i did want to show someone the post.
  9. other section gone ?

    its not just the mods theres alot of bitching goes on at times, mostly by lads that dont make genuine hunting posts there selves. its a shame really as there is alot of decent folk gone. sad really
  10. other section gone ?

    theres this one for general dog chat then theres the other half which is for posts about hunting trips out only. the posts have to be approved by a mod before they go on.
  11. at a guess i would say the sheer amount of shoots that are about these days has flooded the market a little.
  12. are haix boots any good?

    i was told by a couple of trustworthy lads i know who practically live in there boots that haix were the best about 2 seasons ago. theses lads do alot of terrier work aswell as alot of walking so there boots are well tested all round.
  13. i think you will be lucky to get any coin for your birds. i think the dealers round here are paying nowt for the birds as the shoots are just glad to have a home for them.
  14. New layout

    ive just noticed when i click onto the lurcher forum or the ferret forum i dont have a choice of 2 sections to look on. anybody on here tell me why that is and how i can solve the problem. i can only see the general talk section of both the ferret and lurcher section the one i cant see is the hunting post sections