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  1. Drainage for kennels

    Will do thanks. You got any suggestion on how to design a trap or can I buy one and fit it between the kennel and soak away.
  2. Drainage for kennels

    Thanks. I will take my time and dig a soak away crate in then. I am sure I can get 1 with membrane for £54. I will put it deep aswell.
  3. Drainage for kennels

    I am wanting to do it right mate. Just in the process of moving This is my family home now for a good many years.
  4. Drainage for kennels

    It' only a 8ft square run with 2 dogs. I'e thought about soak away crates but it' the same as a general soak away I believe
  5. Drainage for kennels

    I am building some kennels and unfortunately I am no where near any easy accessible mains drainage. What options have I got for a smell free kennels. I'e looked up soak aways but have read they will become smelly.
  6. Ferreting

    a few of the shooting lads i know dont like there spaniels working rabbits as they reckon they have a tendancy to give chase to a bunny on shoot days and that can somtimes spoil a drive.
  7. Sausages ???.

    That nice you can't remember what they were😃. It' all eady been said get down your local butchers and see what they have got.
  8. Jokes aside he probably would.
  9. Dating sites

    met my misses on one, she only lived 7 mile down the road. that was 6 years ago we got 3 kids now and are happy enough. i dont like the internet much but i was getting older couldnt be doing with the pubs and just thought f**k lets try some dating sites. weather i like it or not the internet is the way forward theres loads of people doing dating sites.
  10. what sort of size is he mate? ive got a young dog here just turned 6 months, decided to try something completley different to my usual types. hes bred. damn wheaton grey sire saluki wheaton grey X whippet grey the pup is just over 23tts
  11. How to go about getting new permission?

    i would try the new owners of the farm once its sold on. just explain to them that you have always controlled the rabbit population on the farm and would it be possible to carry on. if you have a good relationship with the couple that owned whilst you run your dog on there his wife might just put a word in for you with the new owners.
  12. Marking !

    hes a silent marker with a stare. if the rabbits close his head starts turning left and right. he was hard to read sometimes when he was a young dog as some times it was so subtle.
  13. Feeding 8 week old pup

    i always buy beta puppy for my pups and feed them that with every meal along with raw mince chicken and what ever else they will eat. instead of raw mince chicken i mix table scraps with the beta puppy. its good to give a variation when young so as you have a good eating adult dog, fussy eaters can be hard work.
  14. Notts doorman

    you could argue that Tomo, but personally i think the 3rd time was a bit much. having said that none of us are aware of the events that caused the mayhem in the first place.
  15. old and young

    he sure is mate. hes a good member of the team is mr gripton i can rely on him thats for sure. we had a unuasal bolt old grippo shifted a black rabbit and a fox out of the one warren. i am sure me you and ray bolted a fox from that same warren a few seasons ago. with the ferrets.