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  1. trigger2

    4 weeks old

    Any pics of the parents mate
  2. trigger2

    4 weeks old

    Exactly what I thought Mate
  3. trigger2


    Forgot to say a session with a good sports physio is £30 at the most.
  4. trigger2


    Another bit of advice mate. Find a good sports physio, I had a pains in my shins last year when I started back and was told by all the club runners and the coach it was shin splints for sure. There’s some sort of test they can do to tell if it’s shin splints for sure my physio tested me and said it defiantly wasn’t and the problem was actually in my calves. A good massage on my legs and lower back and 48 hours rest then back to it. Like I have advised before gait analysis and the correct pair of trainers will help reduce the chances of getting some injury. I am a mild overpronator so I always buy trainers now to suit.
  5. trigger2

    back after pup

    I read the tittle back after pup and thought you were looking for another pup for a second lol. How big is the bitch mate?
  6. trigger2


    Shin splints are usually a beginners injury as a general rule mate so it does get better as you know. Like I say mate just concentrate on running at a chatty pace finish the run with the feeling you could run that again straight away. I don’t if you know but by all accounts you’ve got up to 2 hours after your run to stretch out so I am informed by the coach in my local club.
  7. trigger2


    If you are serious about getting back fit mate then I recommend that you go to a running shop and get gait analysis done and buy the correct pair of trainers to suit. There’s no charge for it and believe me it can save you some aches and pains caused buy the wrong foot wear. How did you find that pace last night mate? For a few weeks I wouldn’t worry about times just distance and make sure you run it at chatty pace.
  8. trigger2

    Question...dog pectoral muscle tear?

    You may be better going to see a good bone man than a vet. They are a lot cheaper and better to help you get the dog back right, vets will probably want to give the dog a dose of drugs of some description and tell you rest it. Imo good bone men are worth there weight in gold. There’s a thread been started on here think it’s still on the 1st page have a look through that.
  9. trigger2


    Your fitness will soon come back mate you just need to work at it. As you have done a lot when you were younger it’s in you somewhere it just needs bringing back out. Join a local running club and go in the walk to run groups to start with then work your way up. You’ve got plenty of years of good running left in you yet mate a good 10 years or perhaps more before things may start to slow down a little for you at club level depending on how much you want to push yourself. Gps watches are cheap as chips these days they are a great help to keep a good eye on things.
  10. trigger2

    car crash advice please

    That’s bad shit mate. I’ve always found insurance companies to be ok, a lot depends on what there driver tells them on how they pay out. Surely the police were called to your accident and can provide the proof needed to sucure a claim in your favour. My last one I got hit in the ass end, copper pulled up shouts out the window are you all ok to which we said yes he said pass each other you’re details over and you will be fine and fecked off lol. The driver of the other motor admitted fault to his company and they phoned me and asked me if I could cancel my claim through my insurance and deal directly with them and it wouldn’t go on my insurance as a accident. I did as they asked and writhin 4 working days had a good whiplash payout in my account and got payed out for my car within 3 weeks, I had a 5 star service.
  11. trigger2

    Putting in kennel drains

    I used a different make mate but similar sort of thing. Polly storm crate, I’ve just looked them up and the chap who sold it me got his wires crossed a little, the polystorm crate takes 20 tonnes of weight not 65 like he said.
  12. trigger2

    Bone men

    Charged me £10
  13. trigger2

    Bone men

    As socks suggested Robert meek. He saw Ben with his injury.
  14. trigger2

    Putting in kennel drains

    Built to last mate. I payed £35 for mine with the membrane to go round it. I think it will take 65 tonne over it as well so it can be used under areas with traffic on it.
  15. trigger2

    Putting in kennel drains

    I’ve got a reasonably new set up myself. My run is 8ft square with 2 dogs in, ive got acco drains running into a soak away. My soak away is made up of a soak away crate wrapped in its material surrounded in a good 100mm of pea gravel the the soil back on top of the hole. I dug a hole just over a metre deep. My logic for using a soakaway crate is you have a large volume of space for any dog hair to go into. I am hopping it won’t block up. I’ve got a trowelled finish on the concrete bass so the dog shit lifts cleanly. I will be putting a roof on the run this summer to stop all the rain water washing down the drains.