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  1. tomburras


  2. tomburras

    The T Rex, " Rocks".

    Don't you just love it when you come home thinking that about your rifle! Nice going mark I have a camera on a nest in my garden and somethings happened in there but not sure what and I'm gutted! Nice shooting mark.
  3. tomburras

    Wonky Donky / Still around ?

    Hi I sent you a pm
  4. tomburras

    HW99s Imp / Opinions Please

    I would buy a new standard one and do a bit of reaserch and give it a good diy Polish and relube with a nicely fitted drop in kit and vortek piston seal. I have had great results with wonky donky drop in kits that was on par/better than an imp. If you have yours screw cut and shorten the barrel put a .177 wonky donky drop in kit in your .22 and it brings the power back up close to the 12 ftlbs limit. They are a dream to work on! So simple.
  5. tomburras

    Ready for morning

    Very nice! And Good luck in the morning!
  6. tomburras


    From memory there is a grub screw on top of the scope rail remove it and the tray slides back revealing the barrel/block screw. The second barrel block screw is under a blanking plug near the back of the scope rail. The tray then slides out of the back. I hope this makes sense! If the tray is stuck spray it with wd40 and give the back a few taps and bang the rear on the carpeted floor to hopefully to shock it free. That' how I got mine out.
  7. tomburras


    I do 3 shifts rotattng. 6-1:30 1:30-9 9 -6. But end up doing 12 hours 6-6 a lot of the time rotating days then nights and working weekends. My sleeping pattern if horific and suffer from the changes big time. Often do lates to earlies too. Hard life but done it 12 years now. Luckily I can do my job (printing) on auto pilot now.
  8. I did not buy it mark jonjon79 has. That' a aweome pic mark - your airgun enthusiasm has spanned many decades! No wonder you love your classic springers so much.
  9. Same here - and my bsa meteor, webley tracker and hw85!. Its like the old saying grandads say, i wish i knew what i know now back then. It' nice to indulge in a bit of nostalgic shooting sometimes. That is a bueaty by the way. A keeper for sure!
  10. Wow very nice. Had one of these too in the 90's - that looks a lovely stock too!
  11. tomburras

    The Clinical, Pro Sport .177.

    Thanks for the link si but iv got a new to me airgun that iv hardly even used yet so I shouldn't buy another one just yet.
  12. tomburras

    The Clinical, Pro Sport .177.

    Very nice mark. Stunning looking gun and performance. Will have to buy one one day.
  13. tomburras


    Sounds like you had some fun and some great sport too, and that is one cool hedge hog ha ha!
  14. tomburras

    Possible new. Perm

    Good luck with both counts! What detector do you use?
  15. tomburras

    A better day today

    Still not been out with it properly yet, not had a day off since buying it. I will stick a post up when I finally get out to use it - I can' wait! That stock looks nice and practical, wipe clean like the hw110. What about camo dipping it like the hw100?