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  1. Benjamin wildfire

    Wrong video loaded 1st time Would be fun with it been semI auto on tin cans! Would be nice to have a full power properly accurate semi auto airgun - Is there any about?
  2. I all was liked the look of the crossman 1077 and just noticed this new gun..... https://www.sportsguns.co.uk/newarrivals/1077wildfire-1 Looks like an interesting gun!

    That' the stuff iv used too. Iv always used the red mahogany as I like a red tinge but once I used both and it turned out the best stock I ever did on an aya. I dunno what to decide on now lol I think I may strip it and see how the natural wood looks when wet. Shall I start a topic when I do it? Are shotgun stock refinishing topics allowed in this section with it just been wood? Or maybe I should start one in the shotgun and FAC section 🤔

    Cheers Si sounds good did you just do a light wet sand with oil to fill them? When iv used tru-oil iv applied and buffed in tiny amounts over 7-10 coats after my initial couple of normal coats, and filled them that way. They came up with a perfect glass smooth glossy Finnish after all these tiny layers. Took a long time tho.

    Cheers Jimmy I keep thinking about using tru-oil again iv done quite a few stocks with it and used rustins red mahogony stain on them first and they came up amazing. I'l do a test patch with hand rubbed oil and see what colour it is. For some reason I really want to try a hand rubbed oil finnish. Ill do a test patch first and if it's too light I'll go with the stain/tru-oil route.

    Here' the gun I'm gonna refinish it' a mega cheap lightweight knockabout gun..... https://www.gunwatch.co.uk/guns/17287-Acciaio-Speciale-Extra-pur-day-BARGAIN-Folding-boxlock-for-sale And the technique I was going to try as iv always stained and used true-oil....

    Not boring at all, it' great to see a refinishing job! You have inspired me to do this shotgun. Looking forwards to seeing your 3 projets!

    WOW Jimmy thanks for that. They look amazing. I'll stick a pic up of my stock when I do it (its a shotgun tho) it will be in the next few weeks. I hope it comes out as good as yours I'll be one happy man if it does!
  9. Cheers I look forwards to seeing that.
  10. That oil looks like it works wonders iv always stained and used true-oil. Next week I'm refinishing an old side by side stock, and doing my first hand rubbed oil finnish. Which oil would make the wood the darkest? Sorry for interupting mark!

    Lovely looking gun si 🖒 You have been playing out on a cr450 Jimmy? I bet that was quite a handful!
  12. " Show us your guns " !

    Iv owned this excalibure over 16 years it's my pride n joy! Iv not heared of .177 version but I'd recommend an excalibure to anyone. Stunning to look at and verry accurate. Had so much use with mine and its been very reliable. Used it a 12 and 27 ftlbs easy to put on ticket and adjust as needed.
  13. " Show us your guns " !

    Some nice collections there! I pick my excalibure up next week from having repairs I'll stick a pick up when I get it. Im exited to get it back!
  14. Air pistol hunting

    I often wonder about this too when iv got rats under my rods when night fishing. I bet a falcon fn8 and scope would make a nice close range set up to 10 yards.
  15. Went after those wiley Wood Pigeons again.

    Very nice mark. Your making me want to get an airgun again after seeing your pics!