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  1. Raider and tin can ally

    Looks good fun Jimmy! Guns looking well too! My old faithful posh raider (excalibure) has a leak so will be getting some love soon.
  2. Pure Classic hunting set up FWB Sport 124

    That' ace mark a proper oldschool set up. Nice groups too. An inspiration to get another classic gun to play with!
  3. putting the raider back

    Looks a lot better I think, looking forwards to seeing how the stock turns out
  4. The new Pro Sport .177 Walnut has landed.

    That is stunning. I will have to own one of these one day. Another nice gun to your collection!
  5. Pure Classic

    Brilliant mark I hope it is OK for you!
  6. Awsome to read that Jimmy I can feel the atmosphere, enjoyment and passion your feeling from the way you typed it. Bloody wonderful.
  7. New Rapid ?

    Like the land rover defender.
  8. View From Your Swim

    Awsome pics can't wait to get out
  9. Police on my permission

    About 5 years ago me and my mate where stopped during the daytime by a very young police man when out shooting. We heard a shout from the edge of the field and he had instructed us to put our guns down and come over. We didn't hear that bit as he was too far away and we diddnt realise it was a police man either. we unloaded and walked over to see what he wanted and when we got close we saw it was a police man - he said I asked you to put your gun down. My mate replied..... i dont think its a good idea to leave a shotgun on the ground in the middle of a field (quite far away) and come over? I think that would be illegal leaving it unnatended - it could be stolen and if not then we would not be able to find them again. He was been quite arrogant and loudly asking why we would you want to kill rabbits. We gave landowners details and he rung the farmer in front of us and all was sorted. He was OK after that and left a bit red faced when my mate suggested he look into shooting and shooting related law.
  10. Semi's

    I watched this the other week and have been wondering if semi auto airguns will ever be used in the UK The only one iv seen in the UK is the Benjamin wildfire and it looked a fun pinker. Personally I like a nice traditional looking bolt action.
  11. FAC Airgun

    If you love your super 10 you could put it on ticket and turn it up, that's what I did. It only cost a £25 rfd fee to put it on my certificate and then turn the power up.
  12. Hw77k tuning help

    What a gent!
  13. Baikal sbs hushpower

    Wow I like that!
  14. Classic Air Gunning

    Very nice mark. Your classic springer groups are better than mine using a pcp