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ive a real soft spot for this fella, my little 18 month old house dog, he's not much bigger than some patterdales, 15"ats and barely 29lb, keeps himself in decent order, loves to run the hills , wreck


A couple I owned over the years,...... Pups off of TLs Shadow,..... The red dog, was one decent dog too

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2 minutes ago, blackmaggie said:

Cheers navek  and gibley I remember reading his story  and history whilst tracing a couple of dogs i owned he was some dog and and some producer to  bred out of ed Reid's yard I believe 

Yea ed Reid bred him then no kidding owned him.The dog had a pinned pelvis befor he'd even started his working career so for a dog to accomplish what he did with a pinned pelvis and leg was a great achievement..apparently every time he was worked he wasn't sat proper weight so imagine what a dog he would of made at right weight with no injuries.

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I read that navek  was a rescue I believe after been in rehomed  they got him after a accident from what I read they didn't know what they had or how to manage his weight or conditioning some dog though bred out of skipper I think 

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Here's a pic of my bloke, aspirations were that he would accompany me to the permission for bunny control and hopefully retrieve shot bunnies, but farmer sold large part of perm to hauliers who had their own shooting arrangements and didn't want anyone else on there. So he's a pet...


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47 minutes ago, jetro said:

Is there still any of ed rieds stuff about.

Atb j

Be waterd down I should imagine as people moved on to better things getting in new blood etc etc..plus heard he's to busy breeding French bulldogs to concentrate on breeding decent bull dogs 

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