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ive a real soft spot for this fella, my little 18 month old house dog, he's not much bigger than some patterdales, 15"ats and barely 29lb, keeps himself in decent order, loves to run the hills , wreck


A couple I owned over the years,...... Pups off of TLs Shadow,..... The red dog, was one decent dog too

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ive 2 little uns at home well there 7 n 9 . i hear there brilliant with children but never heard of working staffs and children could they have the same relationship ??




rember staffs have always been known as the nanny dog their bond with people and children is a trait that is beyound question as far as i see it



cheers mate

common sense realy any dog can turn just dont let them eat out the same bowl :D:D

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Wee picture of my 11 month old bitch Sadie. Amsaff x staffy. Good wee dog, very obedient and eager to please. Comes everywhere with me even lamping and helps out when ferreting. I picked a bigger stronger bitch and my wee girl grabbed the smallest pup which was the runt of the litter. Stuck with her now.


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It might surprise you to learn that today the so called "rare blue pit bull" is in fact not rare, and not a pit bull! The blue color is a dilute of black, and occurs in the American Staffordshire breed. Here is what Louis B. Colby has to say about the "blue" dogs, and I can't think of any better authority: "As a boy growing up, and listening to multiple conversations between my father, John P. Colby, and visitors such as Collagan, Heinzl Vose, Donovan, and other dogmen from all over the country..never did the word blue appear. There never was a blue Colby dog in my father's yard, nor mine.To my knowledge there was never a blue colored dog reported in any match or sporting event." I have a couple of vids named "Real American Pit Bull Dogs". I hate the use of the name Pit Bull attached to the Bully Morph result of Fad and Designer breeding. Perhaps the things to remember about a true Pit Bull is its true characters and positive traits they were so cherished and loved for before "breeders" were more focused on breeding in the negative traits that would have resulted in euthanasia in the past. So, much more than looks, the breed was treasured for a dog that had a strong threshold for pain which made it great around children and their rough and uncoordinated play, loves people so much that it wasn't a very good guard dog, was able to test its mettle against much larger creatures making them capable in hunting and holding large game, got along with other dogs so it could be used in gaming, loyalty, remained puppy like all of its life, and learned quickly of the dangers that faced its family, or pack in its mind, and would react to protect it. There is the occasional Alpha Male and Female.



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"I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow (O Brother, Where Art Thou? Soundtrack/Radio Station Version) (feat. Dan Tyminski)" by The Soggy Bottom Boys ( • )
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