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Guest MickyB
besides adding the blood to lurcher what good are they in the hunting field, ok as a draw dog.

way to slow as a ratting dog, too big to be dug to regular.

Ive seen and worked with (not owned) some good bushing staffs. Not quite a spaniel or cross-bred standard but good none the less, and they possesed a decent tracking nose.

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heres my boy Charlie he's just over 2yrs old now but i think he's about 18months in this pic











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Guest clash


some of you on here will no this old lad!!R.I.P

He sure looks familiar.I hope im right in thinking i got to know the old fella a wee bit...................

if its you and the fat c**t on the sette??the yes you no him well...............

Memory has just returned! 2 fat c***s had to share the settee for a night or 2 till he settled. He got spoilt alright............

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HBG chunk looks a cracking dog how old is he

cheers he's about 7/8 ish ;)

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holly 6 months old ;)
:D you can just see she is as daft as a brush she's a nice little bitch but i like chunk

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here's chunk,and after a bit of bushing :D

looks a solid field worker,the staffs dont get the credit they deserve for field work!this is a fine example, all the best and keep it up. :clapper: :clapper:

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