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  1. 4 days , was he lost or asleep ? . and badgers like foxes want only to get away , how do you know they take hold immediately ? you'd have to open it up to know that for sure , and again I say they really get in to grips when they sense the digging
  2. what size are your dogs , if they are 4/5 times smaller than a badger , terriers really only get in to grips when they sense the digging , a lot of time the are sounding , pit bulls , they have a top weight , so dogs are same size , are in contact with each other till its over which could be 30 mins or 5 hours , a badger don't want to be hunted and does every thing to get away , terriers are game for what they do , its a different type of gameness Pit bulls need,
  3. a friend has two pups left for sale one male one bitch , both black , similar to the dam , pedigree for the male below

    this is his wife's page on Face Book , if interested you can contact , his name is Tadgh

    Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 23-06-17 Facebook.png

  4. thats what I mean if you even think that you don't know what it means
  5. people with Lassie collies call them game , men who did stuff with bulldogs , would have a different idea to what is a game dog compared to to owners of other breeds
  6. Best bushing dog I seen was a springer x Jack russell ,
  7. a friend has two Wheaten terriers for sale , not sure if your allowed to sell dogs on here , if any problem just delete post .. Jason Ph: 00353 871685063
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