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  1. The dog who shares G D O Y ,,with dog above ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [653259] :: SBK’S NATO (GAME DOG OF THE YEAR 2020) APBT.ONLINE-PEDIGREES.COM
  2. She was a very good bitch , but RUBY be my choice of the two , and RUBY also went on to be a great producer
  3. Probably the best from the Shadow and Jigsaw breeding the real game Ch.RUBY
  4. Not sure of his age in any , but looks old ,,he was a great stud in his day ,
  5. your probably right , but all the men who entered dogs at trials , ware proper work dog men , they did both field work probably a lot more than people today as it was not so against the law ,
  6. the bitch with the trophies was very old in the photo, any how conformation don't matter , when they are in a tunnel , and its all nose to nose
  7. I don't think so.. but Wheatens are same size as Pit Bulls , so would be no reason they could not have been used
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