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  1. Chesney we tryed alout of diffenent mateings with that paticular stuff it just wasnst to be trough aunts unckes sisters of tex aswell with yery little return i love to be able to tell yee its the other way round but you asked me a question and im giveing u an honest answer with no disrepect to the good dogs we had the privilege to dig over we wernt getting we wanted so we a different direction .joe m
  2. This is j.m.posting useing topterriermans .tex was given to me by a.m when he was about 10 mts he was out of old mollyto d.r black dog r blackie we called him .old molly was once owned by d.r later to be given to a.m .a.m then covered o molly bitch with blackie there was 8 in the litter which alot of didnt make the grade but in fairness to tex he was the real deal he had it every way .he was like his sire in alot of ways being of a handy size great nose with endless stamina .we have had 8 good seasons with him hes is now comming 11 .we didnt have much luck with his offspring in total he covere
  3. I was thinking off asking the women down the road for the ride i wonder what are my chances .with over 100 foxes gone out off that area id stay at home pin out the terriers and go on line for a chat with the rest off the comptuer terriermen.
  4. lol what a load off bollocks funny how everytime they open a hole the dog moves up when he sees the light brave little dogs .
  5. f***ing shocking stuff.some lads will do anything to make money i hope your mate finds out who they are scumbags
  6. I have had troopers before I got the defender yes the 3.1 we had for over 10 years only ever replaced the gearbox top class engine and comfortable to travel in but off road dosent come near a defender I got stuck more times in places I shouldn't have and as for the 3.0 trooper I had for 16 months what a ball off drit injectors going trubo went and lots off other stuff.we had a little four trek frist found them great.
  7. I bought a defender 90 td5 last year and i had a trooper before that.I love the defender and always wanted one it dosent disapoint off road and will get you anywere if u spend most off your days out with the dogs and hunting then they are the only jeep but if you only go out now and again then dont get something else.problems are you have to keep them tipped up or they will start to rust but if you enjoy them you wont mind as someone has said already you either love them or hate them but they are the only machine it you are in the country side most off the time.they are not great for long jou
  8. Give some lads enough time they seem to dig a big hole for them selfs.greed is an awful thing in the terrier world.
  9. fair play lads pity about the terrier
  10. we have dug a few earths that were runing away from the line and out into a field but i know a few that ran the other way under the tracks wouldnt go near them.we once dug on a line that had been closed for years we got the dog right in between the railway sleepers at about 5 foot off very hard ground so be very careful were you put your dog.
  11. dont sell it they are very hard to come by :laugh: please delete me off this f*****g site i have never seen such shite on this site in the last year were have all the decent topics gone my god what next
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