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  1. Knowing him he would be scanning to see what farm machinery is around lol
  2. i would pay money for a terrier that marks only fox to ground and if it went in and yapped for ten seconds and came out i would not be bothered as long as it marked foxes to ground ,
  3. zap


    i thought someone would have bought her by now
  4. zap


    been a while since i have been on the site nice to see lie to me has stopped biting lol not , face it lads moos going to sit behind his keyboard and throw invites left right and centre but he will never honour them, i tell u almost everyday lie to me if your dogs keep you happy thats all that matters i have saw some of the women you have been with and by fxxk you are easily pleased but you can still be happy in knowing you go out mooching with the best dog ........ mine lol
  5. zap

    alaunt x's

    lol it took my mate zap 3yrs to go out hunting with him he's very protective and it will be another three before i go again lol
  6. zap

    what are or were your favourite SWEETS

    Hawick balls
  7. whats the warm soap for mate, lol eh i think i may need to watch my spelling
  8. zap

    Mink exterminators

    is that right that it is legal to hunt mink in scotland ? so as long as i have written permission for vermin control and shoot the mink when i can get a safe shot at it i can hunt them ?? if so i know what i,m doing this summer
  9. zap

    Come On Own Up

    i was once putting the tyres on the silage pit i put my hand in the tyre and felt these tiny little claws and a furry wee body run over my fingers i shit it throw the tyre and shouted to my mate a rats in it lol the tyre lands and out hopped a little baby bunny lol
  10. zap


    A healthy disagreement is ok , where not all going to see eye to eye and some off it is funny , but those who dont get on at all should ignore each other , so Craigboy im ignorin you .... till we beat yous in the next round you'l be trying to ignore me come march mate i cant see fergie putting the same side out as he put out yesterday after what ive seen the last 2 days it could be Leyton Orient v Crawley lol . Did you see the subs on the bench for city today I kid you not they had HOT FUCK1N WATER BOTTLES to warm there hands ....the likes of Cloughie would be HORRIFIED if he was here today witnessin that carry on... PATHETIC ! yes i saw them with the hot water bottles shocking bunch of fairys
  11. zap

    try this

    judge how the fxxk am i supposed to concentrate on that pic for 30 seconds when to the left of it sits your avator lol tell you what if the same works with your avator i will be staring at it tonight just before i swing the leg over the misses lol
  12. zap

    Dispatch weapon.

    can you get a 410 pistol on a shotgun license ????
  13. bit i go to for a keeper mate i gt 30 quid plus a tenner for fuel at lunch he has warm soap and rolls mars bars and juice and beers o and an invite to the keepers day
  14. zap

    2 horses died

    yes you can insure a race horse well mines was
  15. no never needed the shovel i have had a few foxes out of this place and only twice has a shovel ever needed to be used both times the fox had been run in by hounds