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    dogs, guns, bikes sometimes cars lol and of course no1 my family (had to write that incase my missus reads lol)
  1. Having a bit of a clear out as i want to get myself a surfboard! but as i've just bought a kayak my missis is not to keen on me spending money on a surfboard so selling a few bits and bobs to fund it i have all the items listed on ebay theres quite a few books from Darcy collection a few pitbull books including some collectors also a logun stirup pump for an s410 and a deben gun lamp but lens is missing on the lamp (fell out). Take a look and if your interested p.m. me. Heres the link to the lamp http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=140439254953&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT just click on other items to view books etc
  2. After years of wanting a snake but not being aloud to have one i have finally bought one lol my kids have named her Zoey what do you think of her!
  3. Anyone got dig deep throw well back they want to sell me at a tidy price? p.m. me!

  4. Now that it's that time of year again i'm just interested in what people do with their jills. I remember reading last year about people leaving the jills and not having them jill jabed to bring them out of season! I've read that this can kill the jill but am not sure how much truth is in this? please leave honest answers in the poll as to what you do. Thanks, Kristian.
  5. kristian

    solid fuel heating any info

    Wish i was closer mate i'd fit a top of the range (A rated) combi boiler for less than 2 grand! i've just fitted a solid fuel rayburn in my brother-in-laws house it's only been in a few months and he's regreting switching from oil because once you got solid fuel you got no control over it i.e. timing etc. Maybe worth looking into keeping the gas and having solid fuel linked in so it's switchable between the 2. It's a bit more complicatd but can be done. As for starting from scratch theres no need your old radiators and tanks should be fine. If you do decide to go solid fuel then you can always fit an imersion heater to the cylinder for the summer months when you don't want to light the boiler. Hope this helps mate. I'm in the process of fitting a log burner in my own house just so that next year i can hopefully cut down on the gas bills. Price of gas is going up and up and yet so are they profits? don't make sense the robbing barstewards. Atb Kristian. P.s. see if you can find a local plumber and ask him to do it on a obble as you'll get it done for about £1400 - £2000 (combi boiler) good luck whatever you decide.
  6. kristian

    Lowest of the Low

    just read this! it's sickening. How can anyone jusify keeping this twat alive torture him til death and be done with him. At the end of the day he's a monster not a human fcuk human rights get rid i say.
  7. kristian

    Lost car keys

    sorry to hear that mate i done that with my old vw golf, fecking expensive hobby. i got a spare set now but if only the made cars like they used to could get in and start it with a coat hanger then lol
  8. kristian


    I knew a plumber who got caught doing that too! But later found out he was corgi registered I'll get my coat too
  9. kristian

    ive had the tattoo done

    Thats awesome mate! really well done.
  10. kristian

    xbox 360 0r playstation 3

    xbox for the kidsand ps3 for the adults! simple.
  11. kristian

    Log Store

    wow looks like i'd better get collecting lol. will the wood be ok stored in my garage? i have a big garage where i keep my bikes,quads etc. no room to build another store in my garden. Cheers guys.
  12. kristian

    Log Store

    A few more stores of that size? shit do they really burn that much? I'm lookin to burn coal on it too i was thinking that store full would last me the winter (probably only use it when it's really cold)I will have other wood aswell as i have wood everyday from work but it's just airing cupboard shelvesfrom when we take the airing cupboards out to fit combi boiler. I do 1 a day so will have other wood coming in daily. If i filled that store with chopped logs how long do you think it would last only being lit at night say for 5hrs a night the burner is 6kw and is approx 495 x 625? cheers guys.
  13. kristian

    Log Store

    Ok cheers guys i'll split them next weekend hopefully. I've bought a chainsaw 46cc Spear and Jackson, good fun too Does anyone know how the forestry boys get paid is it buy the amount they cut or the amout it weighs when taken on a lorry? just thinking of getting a few logs from up there as the gate is open but don't want to be taking the boys hard earned but if it's the forestry commissions then i don't mind so much
  14. kristian

    Log Store

    Also found some logs up behind my house I wonder if they'll notice a few going missing
  15. kristian

    Log Store

    Right then had a go at building a log store today as i had an afternoon free. Firstly took a trip down my local industrial estate and got 3 pallets (went back for a 4th later lol) used 1 as a base then hit the bottoms off 3 of them and used them for the sides and roof. took me a couple of hours to do but am quite happy will the end product especially as it didn't cost me a penny (used works van to get pallets so didn't even have to pay for fuel ) What you think guys? I even made a little area on the side for my daughters bike