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  1. see do the right thing and some numbnut comes along and spoils it, still you handled it in the right way edited to add rubarb crumble emmmm
  2. and the point of your post would be what? theres to many staffs about?how good your bitch is? i cant see how a staff owner would want to put up this post.yes there are to many staffs about but its the owners to blame shame half of them arnt as loyal as their dogs are imo
  3. thanks for the photos write nice to see somthing diffent and read how you use your dogs
  4. ive not heard of many dogs going over the last few months hope this is not all starting up again
  5. hope it came back in a good way(not f****d up or anything)
  6. spot on exercise him so it is knackerd
  7. there are still good bulls out there look through a few of the threads bull have rarely been dug to so have always been far and few between/my understanding of it they have been used as drawing dogs and as that is ilegal i cant see anyone putting thier hands up bullblood has been added to terriers years ago by men a lot better then you or i can hope to be when it comes to sporting dogs so there must have been a sound reason to do the question as i see it should be would it improve those terriers about today?i cant answer that but would love to see what a few of the older terrier men have
  8. horses for courses a lot of working patts had/have bull in them ?
  9. some big numbers very impressive
  10. i heard this thing time and time again seems a lot of kennels followed this fashion and imo did a lot of harm to the breed by giving up on them.pitts are good dogs but SBT for me always has been and always will be So did i and none of it was true.I always considered a WELL bred staff a more game dog for all jobs. a good dog is a good dog no matter whats behind it, what lines, dogs do you consider are the best ones?or produce the best well bred ones? I always worked and bred cuilleog and C F dogs and found them game to a fault at everything. i only know what i have read
  11. good pictures thanks for taking the time to post
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