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Russia Ukraine ww3 we're all going to die!!

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4 hours ago, dytkos said:

300 + houses  (for up country council overspill, with less than 100 for private buys some of which will be let out) built on the last 3 fields I used to do after a night local, just one more run 😊 and new council offices and doctors, plus a little industrial estate, We're no longer a hamlet, were annexed to the town, built up on one side of the road and 70% on the other 😞 

Cheers, D.



We're ALL doomed, no ifs ands or buts, ..... DOOMED!!

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I'm going to my bunker, can someone pm me when it's safe to come out. 

True story, I knew a lad lived in a flat who had a bedroom for his horticultural interests, I phoned him when he was at home and said "Mate, make sure your extraction is on point, the bizzies are flyi

Kim jong un … xi of China and putin didn’t know what to make of trump … would he bomb them would he ban all imports from their country would he massively sanction them … and that uncertainty i what st

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The chinese wont do it, they know well that ww3 is on if they do and nobody wins, whats happening is the west is seen as week now due to poor liberal leaders who care more about faggotism and gender bending than homeland security and things that actually matter

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On 31/07/2022 at 17:57, NEWKID said:

I dont disagree that we are overpopulated, I've said about the huge housing estates around here and a new town built on the edge of Exeter to house people from other citys councils overspill... its plain to see that the land is being ruined, fields I walked as a 13 year old with a ferret and dog now have a thousand houses on them and a f**k off great tescos... in other areas I'm sure it is far worse... if you look globally what we do as a species is ruin and destroy in the main...look at the forests in South America... can't remember stats but I think its a football pitch size cut down every hour (or something like that)... that just cant recover...we are destroyers mate...all of us in one way or another 

It is strange that in France there are hundreds of thousands of empty houses in country villages. You could buy a habitable 'doer upper ' for less than ten grand. The smaller village schools are closing down because of the lack of youngsters in the rural areas as are long standing small businesses. Any refugees seem to be housed in flats in the larger towns and cities.

Other than us Brits and a few Dutch the only foreigners are the Romanian pikies who all take French nationalty as soon as they can in order to get the benefits. We have no refugee problem or housing shortage. If the Brits left France in large numbers they would quickly be up shit creek as a very large slice of the local economy is funded by Brits.

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11 minutes ago, FOXHUNTER said:

Should spend the 54 million on our energy Bill's..


cock knocker been on holiday for the last 3 weeks...slopes off  blowing some snow up Zenlenskys arse with a McDonald's straw...gives him 54 million for one off the wrist😬...he's a sick f***ing puppy...

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