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Rip Spaniel lurcher...... Rosie

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IHello all......Just back from the vets. My spaniel x lurcher has unfortunately passed away. I decided to take the dogs on a little walk this afternoon to take my mind off my grandads death who died Friday morning ( he’d had a good life at 94). I’ve been teaching myself about edible mushrooms very recently and was just having a forage on the wood floor when she screamed out yelping. She came over to me holding her right leg up, I’ve known her do this before and after a rest she’s running around again. I gave her a check over and a rest and once she was able to hold her weight again we continued on a bit further. She continued walking behind me and I didn’t think anything else about it, but five minutes further on she was carrying herself differently, neck down and breathing differently.

I gave her another check over and noticed the smallest dribble of blood coming from just below the front right of her neck top of chest, looked further and noticed a small hole, what I would describe as pellet sized. I carried her but it was too uncomfortable  for her. Anyway had to get her to the vets in the next city due to out of hours. Basically I got a call on the way home, she passed away as they started to investigate. I’m not sure what had penetrated her lungs, but her right lung collapsed as a result. I don’t know if it was a stick or what, but the hole was more or less perfectly round.....bugging me not knowing.

Shes had a good life but cut unexpectedly short.



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