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The plummer terrier

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1 hour ago, gnipper said:

The ones in his books look like little 10 inch russels with red jackets and today they look a lot different to me. There are still some russels around of that size with a good thick smooth coat which to me would be the ideal outcross for the current plummers.

That's what they were,red russells and other folk have called them plummer terriers.

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And that is why most folk don't like the plummer terrier.....But as a fella who mooched with lurchers,ferreted both rats and rabbits, ratted a lot and  for a few digs a season the one i had i have nev

a couple of images of my russell/ plummer. for interest

Few thier PUD

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55 minutes ago, gnipper said:

They still are just red russels.

I think that's a bit unkind to many Russells. I'm not knocking the Plummer, don't really have an opinion on them, but many Russells haven't had beagle, Stafford, Fox Terrier or Patterdale added. Not in living memory anyway. 

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Lads talking about reinventing the Plummer .Why is beyond me .Just add what’s about ,work cull repeat .The ONLY thing that sorts out a breed of anything to breed the right traits is to CULL the undesired traits .Unfortunately they are worth money so not going to happen and so the cycle continues .

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5 minutes ago, toolebox said:

Id like to know if the pummer is a new breed & what is its make up (dogs used to breed the pummer from the beginning  )

Have a read through a couple of Plummers books about the origional ones he owned but considering the tall tales he used to write it could be anyones guess.

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On 07/02/2021 at 09:51, reddiesel said:

Have they had much coverage on the Forum , I dont have a Facebook Account but I looked on the Rat Terrier UK page and was confronted with a Ferrari and a GT40 Ford with the dogs alongside , it didn't seem right to me somehow .


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On 15/02/2021 at 08:03, toolebox said:

Id like to know if the pummer is a new breed & what is its make up (dogs used to breed the pummer from the beginning  )

He put a russell over a beagle,then fox terrier,bull,patterdale were added along the way.That is what he told folks but plummer was a bullshitter so feck knows what else was added,but the plummer as such has been bred to type and now is a breed with several data bases that hold peds going back to the start of things...

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On 11/02/2021 at 09:35, baker boy said:

I think there was probably working Sealyham blood in them, I has a lemon and white bitch over 40 years ago that was the image of the early Sealyham terriers

The mate I mentioned with the whip/grey x russell, a couple of weeks back, owned a similar 'sealyham' type russell bitch about 40 years ago. Got the bitch from trealaw or treherbert. Cracking bitch.


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11 minutes ago, baker boy said:

Valleys was teeming with them back in the day mate, can't think of a village that didn't have at least 1 badger digging outfit??

Yes mate. Plenty of really good russell and 'russell types' around then.  And plenty of work for em all. 

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