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Heres my Cooklands bred first cross Deerhound/Greyhound,he was 10yrs last month just under 31tts which to me has not hampered him(watch Axel on Lurcher Mania) he has worked/works certain types of cove

Real deerhound crosses...... Cheers.  

Wheatan/Greyhound x Deerhound; Cheers.  

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3 hours ago, Maximus Ferret said:

I used to enjoy looking at sites like pets4homes, just to see what was about. I can't do it anymore because it makes me feel bad.

Me too. There should be a canine  version of the  Trades Description Act. Pups should also carry a 'fit for purpose' ?warranty. Quite often you see ads reading 'I want to stud my dog'. Who are these people? Perverts or folk desperate for money? The background of a lot of pups is quite clearly not what the seller is claiming. For example the vast majority of f1 deer/ grey pups are brindle ,with some blacks and black and whites. How many photographs of the dam and sire of pups  claiming to be straight deer/ grey are actually deer/ grey and  even fit  the colour expectation? A tiny minority.

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As  Sir Walter Scott said deerhound lurchers are the "most perfect creature of heaven". Think he was referring to their temperament though and not their working ability.

Before you jump down my throat lads, yes there are some deer/greys which do what they should, but they are becoming rarities in my experience.

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7 minutes ago, BobDown said:

A good pal runs a first x bitch I believe out of doxhopes last litter. She’s a good steady,  bitch and can do the dance 

Can't remember when Bill's last litter was but I think they'd be a bit elderly by now.

Chartpolski would know. His bitch is doxhope bred.

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1 hour ago, Maximus Ferret said:

Can't remember when Bill's last litter was but I think they'd be a bit elderly by now.

Chartpolski would know. His bitch is doxhope bred.

I think it's many years since Bill bred a litter of deerhound crosses.

My bitch was the last litter sired by Doxhopes Knight Errant, but Bill had sold him to Cook by then, she will be 12 in June. Sadly, I never mated her. I should have, she's been a decent bitch for her type.

I don't know how much Doxhope there is in Cooks dogs now. My pal has some decent Deerhounds with Doxhope blood, but he breeds pures, not crosses.


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