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Boss Bella 2019

Stud available golly line

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how old is the dog.he could do with a few miles on the tarmac to sort them nail's out mate.

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1 minute ago, Blackmag said:

You have clocked theses nails as well when it's sat on the floor 

It’s dressed for hallowe’en 🤣🤣🤣

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4 hours ago, W. Katchum said:

Still got the wrapper on that fcuker😂😂

Ketchum you got a way with words, I just spat my coffee out at that lol. Deffo quote of the month lol 

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I think I’d need to see it on a few more sofas before I made decision......

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      I’ve got a collie/whippet X collie/greyhound with a touch of bull (apparently) she is thick set but only stands at around 22-23 tts she’s 3 years old I’m going to be putting a pure whippet on the back of her in the next few days has anyone got any pictures of a similar X 
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      I have two mk1 boxes that need fixing. Does anyone know who still does this?
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      Just starting to get ready for my first season with the dog and it he started crying a lot for no apparent reason which then got a lot worse very quickly. He's currently on anti inflammatories and pain killers (prescribed by vet) and just waiting to see how if his condition changes this week. If not it's €500 for a CAT scan at a specialist to see what it is. 
      Vet says it's either a muscular injury or a hernia (somewhere in his neck). The other day he and the whippet decided to running jump off a 3m wall for some reason which may or may not be related (was fine for a few days after). 
      Just wondered if anyone has had anything similar and if their dog was able to recover 100%. Absolutely gutted, not nice seeing him in the state he's in at the moment. 

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      Does anyone produce Whippet x Staghound crosses?  
      Can anyone show any video of Dave Platts “English Deerhounds” actually working? 
      Would a purebred Greyhound be too fragile for field work? 
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      Old photo of my great uncul eddy and his juckel ,
      imagine the story's he could tell .

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