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40 pound foxes.

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That's the biggest I have had Neil and if I'm honest I would of preferred he lived his days out  doing what he was doing he was a big old lad living of what the students left so not doing any harm it was a total accident on my part   I passed him to a taxidermist who stuffed him with a teal in his mouth but like you I don't believe a 40 lb exists he had a good as a feed as any but didn't reach half the weight I will believe it when I see it with my own eyes 

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this one was 28lb

Not a 40 pounder but a fine fox today

One from couple seasons back,was a fair old lump .

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7 hours ago, leslie harold gedge said:

a 40lb is a joke I shot 1 .I think it was last year it was nearly 22lb and it was nearly as big as the roe we shot earlier  in the day used it to get the fox in . maybe if I had shoved a case of carts down its throat I might have got it to 40lb


A brilliant photo for comparison Leslie. Let's face it, you could put that pic on some of the shooting forums claiming you shot a 42 pounder and some would believe you.

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While on the subject of foxes and of being somewhat gargantuan in size, and it is often with great glee that foxes conjour such happiness and delight,esecially to the people who hunt them either by gun or better still by a good single Terrier which has been dug to to.

Many years ago people and especially the (Terrier men), such news often brought great  surprise amongst such hunting folk in general. However, through practical experience it was the somewhat smaller foxes that proved to be much more worthy of an a opponent.

"How many times has a good sized Dog-fox seeked refuge behind a small scrawny, diminutive vixen; a vixen that lacks size, but makes up in guts.

Many years ago a large dog Fox was ran to ground with a Collie x Lurcher, and every terrier sent to evict such a fox was met with severe punishment. Eventually the Fox was accounted for and weighed the grand old weight of just a tad over 21and a half pounds. A good sized fox produced in the vicinity of Newark in Nottinghamshire.

In many of the sandy locations within the dukeries in Nottinghamshire there has often many a good sized fox accounted for. Also on so many occasions, especially regarding small Foxes many Terriers can find themselves severely knocked about.

Also many, many years ago now (Bert Gripton) had a very large sized Foxes mask on his cottage wall. And he often remarked upon the large size   due to the the fox being fed upon an imbalance of hormones fed to capons. Another wonderful spectacle, especially within the vicinity of Nottinghamshire, is of the different colours within the fox population and many jet black Foxes have often been recorded. "Catching Foxes is such a wonderful experience.









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